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TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace TriLok™ Ankle Brace
TriLok™ Ankle Brace

TriLok™ Ankle Brace

The TriLok Ankle Brace is an easy, effective way to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and PTTD. Also provides unequaled protection against ankle sprains. Works for either the left or right foot.

Included in the package: TriLok Undersleeve, Stirrup Strap, and FootLok Strap

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The TriLok is a versatile ankle brace that provides protection, support, and pain relief from multiple foot and ankle injuries.

Ankle Sprains
The TriLok provides protection and support to injured ligaments to prevent further injury and reduce pain after a sprain. The FootLok Strap acts as an external ligament, using leverage to protect the weak or vulnerable ligaments around your ankle. The FootLok strap wraps around your midfoot and then attaches to the outside of your ankle. You can adjust the level of support by pulling up harder on the FootLok strap. The TriLok also includes stirrup straps to increase the stability even further.
~ Read more about how the TriLok helps Ankle Sprains here.

The TriLok offers an innovative approach to relieving the pain associated with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or PTTD. The key to the TriLok’s effectiveness is the patented, white FootLok strap. The TriLok’s FootLok strap lifts the arch and relieves pain by correcting over-pronation and restoring the foot to its natural position.
~ Read more about how the TriLok helps PTTD here.

Plantar Fasciitis
The TriLok alleviates plantar fasciitis pain by lifting the arch and supporting the plantar fascia. The FootLok strap wraps around the midfoot and allows you the ability to deliver adjustable support, by pulling up on the plantar fascia. The TriLok may also be used as a light night splint to hold the foot in dorsi-flexion while you sleep.
~ Read more about how the TriLok helps Plantar Fasciitis here.

Peroneal Tendonitis
The TriLok's FootLok strap mimics the function of the peroneal tendons, attaching to the midfoot and lifting the outside edge of the foot. As the FootLok strap lifts the outside of the foot, it offloads the peroneal tendons, allowing them to heal and regain their ability to support and protect the ankle.
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Included in the package: TriLok Undersleeve, Stirrup Strap, FootLok Strap

Patent Number: 9,364,363

Application Instructions

Left Foot Application

Left Foot - Lateral Application
Left Foot - Medial Application

Right Foot Application

Right Foot - Lateral Application
Right Foot - Medial Application

Reviews for TriLok™ Ankle Brace

  1. Lisa Greenberg7/21/13


    This spring I had a flare up of arthritis in my ankle which was previously broken, it has really helped me to keep me on my feet and after about a month I have been able to go without it depending on what I'm doing. got to keep moving and the tri-lok has really helped to keep me active, without it I would have missed work.

  2. Katie4/28/13


    I've been using the TriLok for 4 years now. I have tried other lace up braces but none compare. I experience extreme pain from Plantar Fasciitis that affects the arch of my foot. The TriLok provides great arch support. I wear my brace walking, waitressing, running, exercising and dancing. It fits into the majority of my shoes even while wearing thick orthotics. After a year of using the same TriLok brace it became very worn out.. as would any brace. But this is the best I have experienced so far.

  3. Judy4/26/13


    I believe I had the worst case of plantar fasciitis there is. I tired many therapies, including your typical physical therapy, wrapping with tape, generic orthotics, then custom orthotics, then a specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, cortisone shots, exercises, night splint. This went on for a year and a half and I was in horrible pain and walked like a cripple, unable to do anything routine without pain. FINALLY I took the advice of my podiatrist and went with the TriLok brace.. To his credit he did mention it in one of my initial visits, but I opted for the cortisone shot thinking it would be a quick fix.. From the moment I put it on I felt some relief. He said to wear it from sun up to sun down for 2-3 months. It is AWESOME!! It has now been 4 months and though I still wear it for exercise and when I plan to be on my feet a lot, my pain is 90% gone and I am back to my normal routine. Since walking is my only form of exercise, I was gaining weight, cholesterol went up and blood pressure escalated, so I am so happy to be back to "NORMAL." I highly recommend this brace for anyone with plantar fasciitis! Very comfortable and fits nicely into my athletic shoes. It is worth every dime!! And NO I am not being paid by anyone to write this review. It is the honest to God truth!!

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