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ThighSkin™ Thigh Sleeve with Cinch Strap

Extra compression for acute injuries
Medical-grade compression sleeve designed to relieve pain and enhance recovery. Cinch strap included for additional compression. Learn more

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The Thigh Skin is made from BioSkin's Ultima material to provide medical-grade compression. The thin, breathable material allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry. Ultima material also has a Skin Lok feature which activates with sweat or moisture and is designed to minimize migration of the sleeve, even during vigorous activity. The compression provided by the sleeve will increase circulation, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured tissue during the healing process. A cinch strap is included on the sleeve for additional, targeted compression. Use the Thigh Skin while recovering from any quad or hamstring pain.

Recover from quad, hamstring, IT band, or other thigh injuries with the medical-grade compression provided by the Thigh Skin. Compression increases circulation, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured tissue during the healing process. The tight squeeze of compression also helps to alleviate pain. Use the cinch strap to target the compression over the injury for greater pain relief. This sleeve is a great option while recovering from thigh injuries

Use the Thigh Skin to help prevent injuries in the quad, hamstring, or thigh. The medical-grade compression provided by the sleeve helps increase proprioception, or positive sensorimotor feedback, to the brain which improves coordination and confidence during exercise. Compression also increases circulation, allowing your muscles to work more efficiently and recover faster, preventing tired muscles from turning into overuse injuries.

The Thigh Skin can improve athletic performance. The compression decreases the amount of muscle vibrations during exercise. When muscle oscillations are minimized, the tissue works more efficiently and recovers faster. Enhanced recovery and efficiency will keep your legs feeling fresher, longer.

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Reviews for ThighSkin™ Thigh Sleeve with Cinch Strap

  1. Frances4/26/18


    Had some issues with it staying on thigh but figured it out and it’s working great

  2. Robert4/19/18


    Definitely compressive - more so than typical neoprene. I was on the borderline of two sizes and chose the larger size which made the fit perfect.

  3. Tennis Girl4/19/18


    Excellent product! I can play tennis without worrying that I will re-injure my thigh! My thigh injury is almost 100% back to normal now since using my Bioskin thigh skins with the cinch strap. Highly recommend! It is very tight but I don't worry about it sliding off. Water doesn't run down my leg either like a different brace did. It's so comfortable against my skin too!

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