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Mazama Compression and Running Shorts - Black/Corsica

Wear these under your shorts or by themselves for high-level compression that will keep your legs feeling fresher longer. Learn more

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The Mazama Compression shorts are made from the nicest Nylon Lycra we could get our hands on. Imported from Italy, this material contains 29% genuine Lycra, so it fits well, stays in place, and provides excellent compression to keep your legs feeling fresh and to speed recovery after an intense workout. We've included an over-sized pocket in the back with enough room for a large phone, energy bars or gels, or whatever else you might want to take along on a long run. Wear them on their own or as a compressive, base-layer under shorts. Thin, breathable fabric makes these perfect for warmer weather.


Reviews for Mazama Compression and Running Shorts - Black/Corsica

  1. Michael3/31/18


    These are some great compression shorts. I have used other brands and was skeptical about these but once I got a few runs in, they are now my favorite. They provide enough compression but not so much that I feel my stride is affected, they keep me cool and feel like second skin. Plus having a big back pocket is a must. I will be buying another pair of these soon and I like the colors they offer.

  2. Korey3/22/17


    I run roads (70-90 miles/week) at a decent clip and this is my new favorite piece of gear. Great fit, amazing support, and ZERO rubbing or chaffing. I love the look too - those blue lines!
    They are a little revealing, but it's not terribly noticeable, unless you're close and staring straight at "it". I probably won't bother wearing underwear with them.
    Great product - Thank you!

  3. Jack3/10/17


    Medium for me is little tight. (I am 33 inch waist, 160 lbs 5'9") Very nice workout pants

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