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How the Ten-7 Began

Bio Skin® | How the Ten-7 Began

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How the Ten-7 Began

Dean Cropper has struggled with knee pain for much of his life. Severe patellofemoral osteo-arthritis made it impossible for him to run or bend his knees beyond about 90 degrees. Since the early 90’s he has been designing knee, ankle, back and other braces that are used by professional sports teams, top orthopedic clinics and people all over the world, but his knee pain was so severe that traditional bracing design provided only limited relief. He had minor knee surgeries but his doctors told him that what he really needed was a total knee replacement. Not yet in his 60’s, he was hoping for something that would allow him to postpone his knee replacement until he was little older.

On October 7, 2007, he was at work and was avoiding the long walk to his production manager’s office because of his knee pain. Eventually he had to make the trip and he describes what happened next as nothing short of divine inspiration. He paused in the hallway and all he had learned about anatomy, knee pathology, and biomechanics flashed through his mind. He suddenly had clarity that the most effective way to treat his knee pain would be to move up the leg and apply the compression on the thigh. He immediately walked out into the production area and made the device he had envisioned. Upon putting it on he was shocked to feel that the knee pain that he had endured for years was almost gone. He wore it all day and for the first time in years, he walked easily and was almost unaffected by knee pain. When he got up the next morning, he was a bit incredulous and thought that perhaps it was a fluke, or that he had imagined the sensation. That day he left the previous day’s creation at home and his knee pain promptly returned, as intense as it had ever been. By mid-day, he decided to make another one and when he pulled it on he was shocked again to feel his pain almost disappear. He spent the next two years wearing his creation everyday and refining it so it would work even better.

In 2009, he noticed a young woman wearing an unloader-style brace. She looked much too young to have knee osteo-arthritis but she was obviously dealing with some intense pain so he approached her to learn her story. She had fallen off of a ladder at work and landed on her knee. After multiple surgeries, the pain was still so severe that she was on disability and was taking heavy pain medication.

She came in to try the device that had taken away Dean’s knee pain and both were surprised to see her walking easily away from the appointment holding the unloader brace in her hand. When Dean checked in with her a few months later, she had stopped her pain meds and was had returned to work, part-time. Dean decided it was time to open it up for others to try. Over the next two years, he tried it on close to 100 people and saw similar amazing results on most of them.

After years of testing and design refinements, he named the device the Ten-7, after the day he first wore it and experienced the amazing pain relief it provided, and decided it was ready to offer it for sale so others could experience this simple, inexpensive, comfortable, non-invasive solution to knee pain.