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Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace
Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace

Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace

Lightweight hinge, adjustable fit
A classic hinged knee brace made of comfortable materials and lightweight hinges. Learn more

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The Hinged Knee Skin is designed to provide compression and support to the knee joint. The bi-centric, aluminium hinges make it one of the lightest hinge knee braces on the market. The hinges provide support to the joint so you can feel more confident during activity. It is constructed from BioSkin's patented hypoallergenic, compressive material to provide comfortable support. The Hinged Knee Skin comes a wrap-around front closure option for those looking for an easy-to-apply brace or to accommodate for the size changes as swelling is reduced.

This brace is also available in a pull-on version for optimal compression throughout the entire joint.

The Hinged Knee Skin is a versatile brace and can help you recover from a range of injuries like ACL, LCL, PCL, or MCL sprains, and meniscus tears. The bi-centric, aluminium hinges provide lightweight support to the knee joint, giving the injured tissue time to heal. The materials provide medical-grade compression to enhance circulation and recovery. Increased circulation allow more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured site, boosting recovery.

Add support to an unstable knee joint with the Hinged Knee Skin. The bi-centric hinges will provide extra support on both sides of the joint so you can have more confidence in your knee during activity. The brace provides medical-grade compression which improves proprioception and enhances recovery. Increased sensorimotor feedback to your brain helps improve coordination and confidence during movement and prevents possible injury.

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Reviews for Hinged KneeSkin™ - Wrap-around Hinged Knee Brace

  1. Lawrence3/31/18


    This brace has worked wonders for me! I used a CoreFlex but was allergic to the neoprene and had to find an alternative. This brace could be improved by voiding the knee crotch, like the front, to keep from bunching and the strap buckles could be a bit more stout.

  2. Sammy8/15/17


    I have had this brace for 4 days. I started wearing it a few hours after I got It and about 4 hours in, it started squeaking. It was quiet at first but now it squeaks with every little movement. I like t be support it provides, but I'm not a fan of having to deal with the squeak all day.

  3. Jaunty Junco6/14/17


    I did not have surgery after tearing the ACL in my left knee in 1999. I wore a custom knee brace for several months until the initial damage was healed and I finished physical therapy.

    Since then, I've relied on the Bioskin Hinged Front Closure brace every day, all day, as recommended by my orthopedist. It gives me confidence to work, walk, garden, and exercise moderately. Wearing it reminds me to avoid athletic movements, as the ACL has been reabsorbed and is no longer there to support me.

    The Bioskin brace is comfortable in most weathers, though I sweat under it on the hottest days. As I've aged, my leg muscles have lost strength and tone, and the ratio between the circumference of my calf and the circumference of my thigh is no longer what it was. So, sizing becomes a little bit difficult.

    However, I generally lead my normal life, and most people are not aware that I wear a brace. I always buy two braces at a time so I can launder one and wear the other. Like shoes, the braces last longer if you alternate wearing them.

    Overall, Bioskins are well made, comfortable, and durable. Most importantly, they provide the support I need to get around independently. As a single working woman living alone at the age of 69, my independence is key to living life the way I want to live it.

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