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Ultima Compression Shorts Ultima Compression Shorts
Ultima Compression Shorts

Ultima Compression Shorts

High compression, full support
Medical-grade compression shorts designed to improve performance and enhance recovery. Learn more

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BioSkin's Ultima material provides medical-grade compression yet is thin, breathable, and extremely strong. Compression has many scientifically proven benefits that work together to increase performance and enhance recovery. Ultima Compression Shorts decrease muscle vibrations during exercise, allowing the tissue to work and recover more efficiently.

Recover from hip flexor strains, quadriceps contusions or strains, and hamstring problems with the medical-grade compression provided by the Ultima Compression Shorts. Compression increases circulation, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured tissue during the healing process. The tight squeeze from compression also reduces swelling and inflammation, further enhancing recovery.

Use the Ultima Compression shorts to prevent against strains and other injuries. The Ultima Compression Shorts provide medical-grade compression to increase proprioception. With improved proprioception, you are more coordinated and less likely to pull a muscle or sprain a ligament. Compression also increases circulation, allowing your muscles to work more efficiently and recover faster, preventing tired muscles from turning into overuse injuries.

The Ultima Compression Shorts are designed to improve performance. The medical-grade compression provided by the thin and strong material allows for increased proprioception and circulation so your muscles work more efficiently during exercise. Improving circulation also quickens recovery time, so you can get back to exercising with fresh legs even faster.

Application Instructions
Application Instructions

  • 1. Bio Skin shorts are very compressive. Stretch the leg openings vigorously, prior to application.
  • 2. Step into the shorts. Using both hands with thumbs against the thigh and hands extended, move hands down the lower leg, gathering the material. Pull shorts up, one leg at a time, until waistband is just above the knee.
  • 3. Repeat the procedure, pulling up shorts, until waistband is at crotch level.
  • 4. Once again, gather the material, and pull over buttocks one side at a time.
  • 5. Continue pulling up to waist level. Adjust for comfort.
  • 6. Bottom of shorts should fit about 2-3” above the knee. Shorts should fit snugly in the crotch.

Applying the Groin Wrap


Reviews for Ultima Compression Shorts

  1. spee512/10/18


    Shorts work great. I played some basketball in them for the first time and I really liked the feel. I did notice that the lettering started to peel and I hadn't even worn them once. May want to think of a solution for that.

  2. Steve8/27/18


    I’m an old timer hockey player with a groin pull that won’t heal. This is simple yet way better than a standard Ace wrap. I’ve recommended it to several in the locker room. I have a 33” waist and ordered a medium. It works great but a large may be a better fit. I will order another one.

    I selected the 5-star rating but when I submit it bounces back with a message that it’s missing a rating.

  3. Mo-ichido6/10/18


    On my second pair with the groin/hip wrap, as a very active but older Martial Artist these shorts have made a huge difference to managing a nagging hip problem that requires surgery. Reduced pain, increased function of hip, stability of the joint and confidence in using that leg, and all without the bulk and uncomfortable Neoprene,
    Awesome. Spanks for the active....the only negative is the closure on one end of the groin strap isnt big enough and can come open under extreme movement. Bioskin please look into this eh?

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