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Sponsored Athletes Archives - BioSkin

Sponsored Athletes

  • SoCal Cycling League Finals

    blog_story_image_socal-cyclingBio Skin sponsored mountain biking athlete Ellis Cobb fills us in on her SoCal High School Cycling League Finals.

    “Mountain biking is a sport for crazy people, and we all know it.  Every other ride or so, I ask myself, “Why am I out here? Why do I chose to inflict pain on myself when most other kids lay around, watch Netflix, and sleep in on Saturday mornings?” And at the end of each practice, I remember how much I love Continue reading

  • Paris Marathon Race Report

    blog_story_image_paris-marathonBioSkin sponsored athlete Jason Holt of Utah successfully ran in the 2015 Paris marathon. Jason is former Utah State University athlete and a member of the Ogden Crew running group.

    "I ran in the Phoenix Marathon at the end of February. I knew that I was not going to get in the best training for 6 weeks going into the Paris Marathon. I had a few easy weeks then jumped from 70 miles a week to 90 miles a week. I knew that it would either help or hurt me as you should only increase mileage no more than 20 percent each Continue reading

  • Sponsored Athlete: Jason Holt

    blog_story_image_sponsored-jason-holtCongrats to ‪‎Bio Skin‬ sponsored athlete Jason Holt on placing 5th overall at the Phoenix Marathon. With an impressive time of 2:31:10 (5:45 pace).Great job Jason!

    "I have a wife and one daughter who is 22 months old and Continue reading

  • April Completes the Houston Half Marathon

    blog_story_image_april-completesApril Ockerman, a Bio Skin sponsored athlete, recently ran in the Houston Half Marathon. She gives us a recap of the her 13.1 mile race. Great job April!

    Aramco Houston Half Marathon Recap and Recovery with BioSkin
    Shared via www.insightsbyapril.com

    I am still bummed in a way that I wasn’t Continue reading

  • Sponsored Athlete: April Ockerman

    April-1Athlete: April Ockerman
    Event: Houston Marathon
    State: Texas
    Product: Bio Skin Calf Skins 
    Personal Blog:  http://www.insightsbyapril.com/
    What makes you inspirational? 
    "After beating cervical cancer last year, I have made it my goal to beat and surpass fitness goals that I never thought I could attempt before. I have already run 4 half marathons this year and am now training for my first full marathon in January."






  • Sponsored Athlete: Total Lizaster

    blog_story_image_total-lizasterAthlete: Elizabeth "Total Lizaster"
    Event: State Wars Roller Derby Tournament
    State: North Carolina
    Personal Site: https://twitter.com/Liz_i_iz
    What makes you inspirational?
    I was struggling with self-confidence and my health after my father passed away when I was at journalism school. I took on a project to do a Continue reading

  • Sponsored Athlete: Heather

    blog_story_image_heatherAthlete: Heather W.
    Event: KC Marathon
    State: Kansas
    Product: Bio Skin Compression Shorts
    Personal Blog: whattheheckwhynot2011
    What makes you inspirational? 
    I have been a runner since middle school, Continue reading

  • Sponsored Athlete: Debi L.

    Athlete: Debi L.754172-1057-0018s
    Event: Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon
    State: Florida
    Product: Ten-7
    Personal Blog: http://14-in-2014.com/
    What makes you inspirational?
    On 8/28/12 I was in a near-fatal car accident. Before that I was an active half marathoner. As a result of my injuries which consisted of an open book pelvic fracture, a crushed knee, the same knee was also fractured on the side, fractured sacrum, fractured tailbone, fractured nose, and fractured eye orbit. I was told I would never run again and that I might begin walking again in the spring of 2013. Despite that news, I walked a full 5K in February, and ran/walked a half marathon on 10/27/13. So far in 2014, I have completed NINE half marathons, with a goal of participating in 14 in 2014!! I'm also scheduled to do my first full marathon in January of 2015.

    Get Sponsored by Bio Skin: CLICK HERE



  • Sponsored Athlete: Stacey

    chuck12Athlete: Stacey
    Event: Charles Street 12
    State: Maryland
    Product: Ten-7 & Calf Skins
    Personal Blog: runtobefree10.wordpress.com

    What makes you inspirational?
    I'm a single mother who went from couch potato to half fanatic in less than a year!! I have inspired my father and sister to become runners (both of which have done 5K's recently with me). I’ve also turned myStacey2 non-running boyfriend into a half marathoner and my son into an active little boy.

    In addition, I've created a running group in my workplace; just by wearing race t-shirts every Friday. This group is running an all-girls OCR (Obstacle Course Race) in July with me! I want to help people live happy and healthy lives through physical activity!


    Get Sponsored by Bio Skin: CLICK HERE



  • Sponsored Athletes: Marc Miller & Justin Weilacher

    Justin2 Justin nails his putt.

    Athletes: Marc Miller and Justin Weilacher
    Event: Flipper Memorial Disc Golf Tournament
    State: California
    Product: Ten-7
    Personal Blog: http://dbfreediscgolf.wordpress.com/

    What makes you inspirational?
    “At 45, and as an athlete and avid amateur disc golfer for the previous twenty years, my body has experienced its fair share of ailments. I first experienced knee problems at 18, and I underwent three separate knee surgeries before age 20. Later in my 20s and 30s, I struggled with cartilage problems and nearly intractable quadriceps tendonitis in both knees. Through it all I have persevered and have never been kept away from my sport for long.

    It is all too easy to crumble under the weight of multiple, early-onset degenerative conditions such as arthritis and chronic lower back problems. It is tempting to say, "Not anymore. It hurts too much and I just have to take it easy from now on." I have not succumbed to that yet, and I do not plan to put away my discs and stop playing tournaments with my friends anytime soon.” –Marc

    Marc winding up for a long drive. Marc winding up for a long drive.

    "I'm trying to make disc golf and disc golf tournaments more professional in experience and in appearance. I hope to raise the level of respect that disc golf demands in the larger sporting world." -Justin

    Justin1 Justin's straight tee-off.

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