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Elbow Braces and Supports

  • Disc Golf Pro Trevor Harbolt

    blog_story_image_disc-golfName: Trevor
    State/Country: Kentucky
    Product(s): Tennis Elbow Band
    Testimonial: I wore the Bio Skin compression fitted armband on my throwing forearm yesterday. It's absolutely amazing. It fits great without any discomfort in my arm or any inability to throw my disc. I love how small it is Continue reading

  • Disc Golfer Ted

    Name: Ted S #36486BwnbtxPIAAE4DxU
    State/Country: Michigan
    Product(s) Used: Tennis Elbow Band
    Testimonial: Had a Blast this weekend!! Thanks to Bio Skin and their tennis elbow band, arm was pain free thru 110+ holes.






  • Pickleballer Phil

    Name: Phil LarssonSAMSUNG
    State/Country: Wisconsin
    Product(s) Used: Tennis Elbow Band
    Testimonial: My Bio Skin allows my broken-in elbow to keep up with my broken-in paddle.








  • Tennis Elbow without the Racquet


    Did you know that only 5% of patients treated for tennis elbow were actually injured while playing tennis?

    Tennis elbow is a lot more common than you’d think and can be an occupational hazard or any job or activity involving repetitive gripping or twisting motions of the forearm muscles. Quite often gardeners, plumbers, dentists, mechanics and other professionals will experience this injury throughout the course of their career.

    If your elbow is tender, specifically on the outer side of the elbow joint, you may have tennis elbow. Other signs of tennis elbow may include elbow pain when performing simple acts like twisting a doorknob, using a screwdriver or gripping a toothbrush.

    Depending on your age, physical activity and severity of pain, you main need to seek a doctor’s advice on the best treatment. Often an elbow sleeve or forearm band is a helpful option to prevent pain and encourage a quicker recovery time.

    The function of a tennis elbow strap is to reduce tension on the extensor tendon. Similar to when a finger holds down a string on the neck of the guitar, it reduces tension on the string distal to the fret where your fingers are located. The article “Are Tennis Elbow Straps Effective?” provides a further explanation on how tennis elbow straps work.

    Bio Skin offers three incredibly comfortable options for tennis elbow—Standard Elbow Skin, Tennis Elbow Band or Tennis Elbow Skin. Constructed from Bio Skin’s patented thin, breathable, Ultima™ material, these premium supports provide extra compression and pain relief for your tennis elbow ailments.

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