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Compression Archives - BioSkin


  • Bio Skin Spotted on BYU's WR Mitchell Juergens


    Thanks to BYU’s Mitchell Juergens our Bio Skin Calf Skin Compression Sleeves have never looked better!

    What a whirlwind of emotion. With only 45 seconds left in the fourth quarter, down 24-21, BYU freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum scrambled from Boise State’s 35-yard line and threw an amazing pass to the high-flying Juergens for the touchdown that put BYU ahead. BYU won the game 35-24.

    We love seeing Bio Skin products on both NCAA athletes and professional players. This type of athleticism and team spirit inspires us all to “Be Better.”

    Link: BYU Football Story

  • Quarterback Eli Manning Trains with Bio Skin


    At the recent NFL Giant's training camp, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning showcased his new pair of Bio Skin Standard Knee Skins. When asked by reporters about the compression sleeves Manning jokingly replied, Continue reading

  • Arizona Trail Runner & Compression Calf Sleeves


    Bio Skin makes performance, preventative and post-injury bracing. They recently sent me a pair of compression calf sleeves to try. As a mid-foot trail runner, I struggle with calf issues due to the wear and tear they take from the rocky Arizona terrain, especially those climbs! While I’m not currently injured, I’ve had my fair share of plantar fasciitis and achilles issues because of my tight calves and running style.

    In the past month, I’ve worn my calf sleeves for trail runs, Continue reading

  • Tara's Trail Run: Calf Skin Review

    blog_story_image_taras-trail-runRunning usually doesn't make an appearance in my workout regimen, if you could call it that. I ski, hike, and participate in a variety of activities to keep myself active and in shape.

    I received Bio Skin Calf Skins a month ago, therefore I began trail running. Never having used any sort of compression sleeves or socks, Continue reading

  • Angler Fitness: The Final Frontier of Competitive Fishing

    blog_story_image_Angler Fitness

    When you start to break down all of the repetitive stress put on an anglers body throughout the course of a day on the water, it can make fishing sound like an extreme sport. Take a moment and think about how much stress is placed on the body during casting, setting the hook, fighting the fish, etc. Now multiply that sequence several thousand times over and you begin to understand the stress load placed on the body is much Continue reading

  • Sponsored Athlete: Debi L.

    Athlete: Debi L.754172-1057-0018s
    Event: Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon
    State: Florida
    Product: Ten-7
    Personal Blog: http://14-in-2014.com/
    What makes you inspirational?
    On 8/28/12 I was in a near-fatal car accident. Before that I was an active half marathoner. As a result of my injuries which consisted of an open book pelvic fracture, a crushed knee, the same knee was also fractured on the side, fractured sacrum, fractured tailbone, fractured nose, and fractured eye orbit. I was told I would never run again and that I might begin walking again in the spring of 2013. Despite that news, I walked a full 5K in February, and ran/walked a half marathon on 10/27/13. So far in 2014, I have completed NINE half marathons, with a goal of participating in 14 in 2014!! I'm also scheduled to do my first full marathon in January of 2015.

    Get Sponsored by Bio Skin: CLICK HERE



  • 2014 Flipper Memorial Disc Golf Tournament

    ACTION 5Bio Skin Sponsored Athletes Mark Miller and Justin Weilacher recently competed at the Flipper Memorial Disc Golf Tournament placing 6th out of 23 teams. The tournament consists of 60 holes of disc golf in a single day at three different courses.

    The following relates the Disc Golf Team's experience of the tournament. You can follow Justin’s blog at: http://dbfreediscgolf.wordpress.com/

    "Saturday July 19th. 5:00 am. Marc Miller will be at my house at any moment.

    We are incredibly lucky that it is not going to be 107 degrees like it has been for most of the last month. I made sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep – sometimes difficult for me the night before an event. I purchased energy bars, energy gu, energy waffles, Gatorade, beef jerky, bottled water, and Starburst Flav-a-reds.Action 8

    I have my Ten-7 knee brace, ice packs, Ibuprofen, Excedrin, and SPF 50 sun block. I have 3 sets of boxers, 3 pairs of socks, 3 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 golf hat, 1 golf visor, 1 pair of light weight pants, and 1 cooling towel. I bought a golf pull cart rigged to carry my discs, Marc’s discs, and a cooler loaded with frozen bottles of water.

    We are about to play the Flipper Memorial – 60 holes of golf in 1 day at 3 different courses. Marc is 46 and I am 38 and we seemed to easily be the oldest of the teams. I was told that they did not offer a Master’s Division because no one that old was crazy enough to attempt to play 60 holes of golf in the Gold Country sun of Northern California in mid-July. No one but us.

    Round 1 starts at 8:30 in Auburn, Ca about an hour away. We get some coffee and head up the hill. We are at the course about 7 ready to warm up. At only 65 degrees out, this is by far the most pleasant weather we will deal with today. We only throw 3 holes of practice golf – a third of our normal warm up routine. Lots of stretching, lots of putting, not a lot of driving. We don’t want to throw out our arms before we start. We won’t finish golfing until 7 pm.

    Action 6Auburn has some extra holes set up pushing the number to 24. They are set very reachable but frequently tricky. My forehand usually benefits from short tricky courses and I’m able to be aggressive off the tee. Miller and I share the putting responsibilities and we get half the holes to finish at -12.

    We grab a couple burritos and get on the road to Penn Valley 45 minutes away. We pull into the parking lot at about 12:30 pm feeling the 10 degrees higher temperature.

    We knew Penn Valley would test us the most. Penn is longer, hotter, and harder than both of the other courses. We had hoped to play it last in the cooling evening air but here we are, showing up just in time to pick up our card and head to our tee at 1 pm in the high 90’s.

    Penn treats me poorly like it usually does. We struggle. Despite feeling like we are playing a lot better than the other team on our card, we cannot seem to pull ahead. We are par-ing out more easily but getting the same par. By the end, we are only 1 under par and hoping we are more competitive than it seemed. The heat and length of the course get to us both. Miller’s back is bugging him.ACTION 2

    We finish the Penn 18 feeling pretty rough at 3:30PM completely sweat through. Neither one of us feel good about our contribution. We left so many strokes on the course. I grab a couple more Ibuprofrin and we start to hydrate. Another sports drink on the way and get to the course in time to change into some fresh clothes.

    Grass Valley is one of Miller’s all time favorite courses. It is higher in elevation and by this time in the afternoon it is cooling off quickly. We were hoping to play this course earlier in the day when we would be fresher but it feels awfully good out. Ready or not it is time to go.

    We start off hot. Miller’s knowledge of the course and big back hand puts me in position to hit several 20′ putts for birdie. My forehand performs and sets Miller up for his share of the birdies.

    I try to keep from thinking about being -4 after 4 holes. Then -5, and finally -6. We take a safe par on a tough hole and then get right back on the train and get to -7.

    By now, Miller’s back is really flaring up but he continues to make his drives and run his putts. We manage 4 more birdies on the last 10 holes. The final hole, both of us beat up and sore, Miller crushes his Destroyer on a perfect Hyzer that gives me a straight forward 20′ putt to end on a birdie.bioskins-ten-7

    We ended up -24, 6th out of 23 teams in the Intermediate Division. We had several goals and we almost met them. We had envisioned not a single bogey the entire day. We only got 1 the whole event, at Penn of course. We wanted to average -9 per round, just short of half the holes. We averaged -8 per round.

    Our last round was our best round. I think I am most proud of having toughed it out mentally and physically, of having marshaled my energy and focus to perform my best while at my weakest.

    Thanks to Bio Skin for the Ambassadorship, the Sponsorship, and the gear that helped me feel strong at the end of 10 hours of disc golf."




  • Ready to Play Disc Golf?

    When’s the last time you played disc golf?

    snowbowl-09-07-2009-046For Justin Weilacher the answer would probably a few hours ago. Justin is an avid disc golfer who is highly involved in his disc golf community and looking for ways to inform and engage others about the sport. Playing a lot of disc golf can take a toll on the body with constant throwing, pivoting and hiking over uneven surfaces. Justin has had chronic knee issues over the past few years and gives us his take on how the Ten-7 brace has improved his game. You can read his full blog post at http://dbfreediscgolf.wordpress.com/

    “I was initially concerned about a knee brace that did not go on the knee. Disc golf involves lots of planting, pivoting, and driving off of my long injured knee and I didn’t know how the brace could support my knee while strapped to my thigh. I worried that it might slide down my leg; I’m not as thin or toned as their model is.
    Well, I don’t know how my cell phone works either yet I have plenty of confidence that it will work. I read the included pamphlet along with the online information about compression technology and I was ready to put it on.

    Initially, it looked odd with an inverted plastic dish (actuator) positioned on the inner quad. The straps are designed to press this dish into a specific place on the quad.

    After a couple misfires, I got the brace on correctly and now it goes on and comes off much faster. I find that putting it on while standing works best. While seated, I sometimes don’t center the brace properly.

    My knee has always been a problem. I had surgery in high school to clean up the cartilage. I never really embraced physical therapy. I gradually lost more and more flexibility and strength. I hurt my knee multiple times on the course and went to see an orthopedist.

    The doctor suggested an MRI most likely followed by surgery. After many conversations with my wife and other long time knee-pain-sufferers, I decided to lose some weight and try and rehab the knee like I should have done over 2 decades ago.

    Disc GolfShortly after, I was lucky enough to get the BioSkin Ten-7 Knee Brace. The brace provided immediate relief. My knee felt stronger immediately. Twisting and planting on the leg bothers me less and less. The perpetual swelling has been reduced despite my activity level going up. I have shot under par every round of golf since starting to wear the brace.

    Most importantly is how strong my knee feels when I’m not wearing the brace. My confidence in the knee continues to rise. I have been able to use the elliptical at the gym for 40 minutes a session without needing to ice.

    I am seeing continued improvement in my backhand driving as I get more and more comfortable planting on my right leg again. I couldn’t be happier.

    Sliding towards my knee has not really been a problem. The one or two times it started to happen I just used a damp hand clothe to moisten the skin and, as advertised, the brace stayed put."


  • Half Marathon Training with P.O.T.S.

    image1Meet Caroline, blogger, mental health counselor and all-around fitness enthusiast. She’s a runner, triathlete and Sweat Pink Ambassador who is diagnosed with P.O.T.S., but determined to live a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

    Caroline shares her thoughts on POTS, compression and half marathon training:

    “Back in April of 2012 I went to see a sports medicine doctor because I had shin splints. Beyond some PT exercises, he also gave me 2 Bio Skin compression sleeves. I decided to give them a try, and they soon become one of my most important running items ever.

    Above are some pictures to prove to you that I really love these sleeves: Monumental Half Marathon 2013, Indy Mini 2013, Monumental Half Marathon 2012. I LOVE running in these compression sleeves, and I can tell a huge different when I don’t have them on during a run. I do run occasionally without them, but I don’t like the feeling at all. These sleeves are great quality and have held up perfectly for almost 2 years now!

    You can read all about the benefits of compression here. In a nutshell, compression can help with muscle damage (less DOMS later on!), muscle fatigue, helps blood flow from the legs, and can lead to a better and faster recovery.

    To me, these compression sleeves are so much more than running though. With POTS, blood can easily pool in the legs (much more than the average person). Between that and overall blood flow issues due to the POTS, I not only can get really dizzy when I exercise, but I get really sore and have a higher likelihood of injury. These compression sleeves are true lifesavers for me. If I know I have to be on my feet for long periods of time (even when not exercising), I wear them to keep proper blood flow. I also wear them often on long car trips and flights, again for healthy blood flow (and to avoid DVT!).

    img_6250 Caroline showcasing her Carmel Half Marathon Medal

    These sleeves come with me on almost every trip and to almost ever race… at least over the last 22 months. If you’re looking for high quality compression sleeves that won’t stretch out or lose their shape, then these are your sleeves. They are definitely worth the investment. I’ll be wearing these sleeves as I train for my 5th half marathon this spring as well!

    I love this product so much that I started communicating with Bio Skin via twitter in the summer of 2013, and ended up sharing a bit of my story with them. You can check it out here (and share your story with them as well!). I want to mention here that I was in no way asked to write this post, but thought I would share with each of you this product that I truly value (obviously since I’ve been wearing them for 2 years now)! Bio Skin has many other products beyond compression sleeves (like foot & ankle braces, knee braces, thigh supports, back braces, and wrist braces).

  • Scott

    Name: Scottxscott300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CBWGD669yB
    State/Country: Oregon
    Product(s) Used: Elbow Skin
    Testimonial: Two knees & two elbows, all four make the arthritis and tendinitis tolerable in my knees and elbows. Yours are the only braces I've ever worn that actually do what they advertise.

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