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An ounce of PREVENTION

  • Spiketown Volleyball Club Uses TriLok Ankle Brace

    See how the Spiketown Volleyball Club uses the Bio Skin TriLok® ankle brace to help support, protect and prevent injuries during practice and in preparation for nationals.




  • Lake of the Woods Tri Sport Weekend

    This is the second year in a row that Bio Skin has been the presenting sponsor for the Lake of the Woods Tri Sport Weekend. It was a great event and a privilege to be a part of it. Congratulation to all who participated!

    Events included:
    • 1.5K or 3K Open Water Swims
    • Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon
    • Long Course Triathlon/Duathlon
    • Kids Triathlon and Duathlon
    • 1/2 Marathon
    • 5K Poker Run

    To learn more about this exciting event, visit: lakeofthewoodstri.com

  • Preparing for the "Wild" Effect

    blog_story_image_wild-effectThe trail hiking boom is on the rise. With the popularity of the book written by Cheryl Strayed and her inspired movie “Wild,” starring Reese Witherspoon, more hikers are expected to partake in the beauty of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) this year. The PCT spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington. Each year thousands of novice and expert hikers explore this wilderness and according to the Pacific Crest Trail Association this year those numbers are growing. Continue reading

  • Keep Your Cool—Prevent Winter Injuries

    blog_story_image_keep-your-coolIn 2012 more than 310,000 people were treated in emergency rooms, hospitals and clinics for winter sports-related injuries? According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety commission this number continues to increase each year and of these injuries: Continue reading

  • Enchanted Desert Minnie Believes in Compression


    Shayna a.k.a. Enchanted Desert Minnie is mom to three boys and wife to her amazing husband! She absolutely loves animals, Disney and running. Shayna recently joined the Bio Skin team and shared her experience with us.

    You can read her full blog post at: www.enchanteddesertminnie.com

    “…I was experiencing shin splints and my calves would cramp up! Bio Skin sent me a pair of their amazing Calf Skin™ Sleeves! I have never tried anything with compression so I was certainly calfintrigued! They are made out of this material that is breathable so your legs won’t get sweaty! Plus they have a SkinLok™ feature in the Bio Skin material that means you will not be constantly pulling up the sleeves while you have them on!
    When I received the sleeves I didn’t quite know what to expect! I took them out of the package and read the directions on how to pull the on! You can also go to the Bio Skin website and they have a video of an actual person doing it so if you are having trouble the video is helpful! I love how the company really is there to help you to make sure you are able to get the best use of their product!

    So I have been wearing the sleeves around the house for the past few days. I also wore them under my socks at my fun run this weekend. I could have very easily worn them by themselves but I didn’t want to ruin my awesome new running gear with color! So I just wore the socks to protect my “precious!” I was surprised at how much support these sleeves really gave! My legs didn’t feel sweaty at all, even with the socks on top! I could really feel where the support was on my calves, it was interesting! After my walk at the fun run I went home and took the sleeves off. I could really tell they had been working! I don’t even want to think about what my legs would have felt like without them! I am a compression believer now! I think I will even wear them when I’m at work and on my feet all day!”









  • Jai Alai's Strong in Florida—November Winner!

    Congratulations to Inaki for being our favorite photo from November and winning $200. Thank you to everyone for submitting your photos and sharing your testimonials.


    “Hi, my name is Inaki, and I am a professional Jai Alai player at Miami, Florida. A few years ago I started suffering many different injuries in both of my calves. I had to scratch and stop playing various times, and I started to consider retirement due to my calves. I tried many different products but they were either too soft that didn't do anything to protect my muscles or they were too constrictive and they would make it worst and hurt my calves. Then one day another player talked to me about Bio Skin. He let me try the sleeves he had been using for a while and right away I felt the difference. It holds the muscle enough not to be pulled but it is soft enough not to constrain it, and use it every day. I felt in love with them right away, and now I'm using my third pair already.

    I have used other Bio Skin products, like the compression shorts or the elbow brace when I have had problems in those areas for some periods of time, but I have been using the calf sleeves every day for the last four years, and I would recommend it to anybody that has an active live but has calf problems."

    Two Ways to Win Each Month!
    Email your photos to: bebetter@bioskin.com for your chance to win next month Show Some 'Skin contest! Remember to include your name, state/country and the Bio Skin product you use.

  • Simple Tests for Skeletal Alignment

    Many athletic injuries and cases of chronic pain are associated with poor skeletal alignment. Your body’s natural positioning allows bones and joints to move in an efficient manner so that the muscles and ligaments can perform properly. Poor skeletal alignment places added stress in areas where the bones connect often causing pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles.

    Unfortunately, our bodies are not always perfectly aligned. This can cause unwanted injury and often chronic pain. Here are two simple ways to observe your skeletal alignment:

    1. Use a mirror to visualize posture and balance.
    2. Pay close attention to joint soreness during exercise.

    Mirror Test:
    Face a mirror, close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax, then open your eyes. Looking at your overall posture what do you see?

    Ask yourself: Are my shoulders even? Can I see the back of my hands? Do my hands hang at the same height? Do my knees or ankles buckle? Are my feet pointing slightly inward or outward?

    Assess your body’s natural positioning to see where distinct issues appear. This will help you pinpoint potential problem areas to discuss with your doctor.

    Pain Test:
    Next time you exercise, pay close attention to your joints—hips, knees, ankles, back, etc. What do you feel? Stiffness, throbbing, warmth or a limited range of motion? How often do you naturally grunt “ooh” or muffle out an “ugh” due to pain? Take note on where the pain is coming from whether it’s located in a muscle or possibly on a specific joint. Recurring pain may be caused by poor skeletal alignment or possibly from overcompensating to relieve the pain of an injury.

    It’s a good idea to keep a training journal for workouts and exercise routines. Jot down your workout (miles ran, weights lifted, laps swam, etc) and include if you felt great or had specific pain. This way you will always have a record of when the pain started and possibly if you need to change your workout routine. It is also important information for future doctor appointments.

    The mirror and pain tests are simple techniques to better understand your skeletal alignment and realize areas in need of improvement. Do some research and discuss with your doctor the best approach to improve skeletal alignment. Luckily, there are several non-invasive options to help improve skeletal alignment so you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle.

    Bio Skin offers a variety of products designed to help manage the pain associated with skeletal alignment as well as joint and muscle injuries to help improve your physical activity and prevent chronic pain.

  • The Plague of Plantar Fasciitis

    Foot stepping legs
    With famous athletes such as Eli Manning, Kobe Bryant, Albert Pujols and Olympic runner, Ryan Hall, all struggling with bouts of plantar fasciitis; there’s been a lot of discussion about this common foot problem in the media lately. But elite athletes aren’t the only ones dealing with this problem. In the U.S. alone, plantar fasciitis affects over 2 million people each year.

    So, what is plantar fasciitis?
    The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue on the bottom of the foot connecting the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is pain and inflammation of this connective tissue generally caused by overuse. Pain is usually localized near the front of the heel area and while it’s often painful during the day, the most intense pain is generally felt first thing in the morning, upon arising from bed and standing up.

    The reason for the intense morning pain is that most people sleep with their toes pointed (plantar-flexed) which is the position in which your plantar fascia has the least tension. While you sleep, your body works on repairing the tissue you damaged during the previous day. When you stand up, you put your foot into dorsi-flexion which stretches the fascia and tears all the newly repaired tissue. This process of injury, healing and re-injury can lead to more severe problems later including bone spurs on the heel.

    Plaguing Professional Athletes
    Imagine having this stabbing pain in the bottoms of your feet from simply walking and then having to play at an elite level. From CSNChicgo.com, Chicago Bulls’ center/forward Joakim Noah sums up his take on this painful injury by saying,

    “It really sucks. Plantar fasciitis sucks. It feels like you have needles underneath your foot while you’re playing. That’s what it feels like, so you can imagine. You need to jump, you need to run, you need to do a lot of things while you’re playing basketball, so you don’t want needles underneath your foot, right?”

    How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis
    To treat plantar fasciitis, you’ll want something that can support your arch during the day (orthotics or a brace) and something to hold your foot in dorsi-flexion at night so that your plantar fascia will heal in an elongated position (a night splint).

    The TriLok Gives Comfortable Relief
    Bio Skin’s TriLok is well-known as a premium ankle stability brace among athletic trainers, elite athletes and weekend warriors, but many foot and ankle specialists have come to appreciate its ability to treat plantar fasciitis as well, because unlike other ankle braces, the TriLok can be used to support the medial (inner) arch and plantar fascia. Unlike orthotics, the TriLok will support your foot even when you’re not wearing your shoes. Plus, the TriLok can be worn as a lightweight night splint.

  • Compression Improves Muscle Recovery Time

    A study published in Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy by William Kraemer from Ball State University looked at the effects of compression on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  That’s the soreness you feel 1-2 days after a really hard workout.

    In the study, 20 women performed 2 sets of arm curls and then were randomized into 2 groups with one group being instructed to wear a compressive sleeve for the next 5 days.  Researchers then collected data on elbow range of motion, arm circumference, creatine kinase levels (a naturally-occurring chemical that accompanies muscle damage), and perceived muscle soreness.

    Compared to the control group, the group wearing the compression sleeves showed better range of motion, less swelling, lower levels of creatine kinase, improved recovery of force production, and reported less perceived soreness.

    Use Bio Skin compression sleeves and apparel to help you train harder by allowing your muscles recover faster and preventing swelling and soreness that could slow you down.

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