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Quarterback Eli Manning Trains with Bio Skin - BioSkin

Quarterback Eli Manning Trains with Bio Skin


At the recent NFL Giant's training camp, two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning showcased his new pair of Bio Skin Standard Knee Skins. When asked by reporters about the compression sleeves Manning jokingly replied,

"I’m 34, I think. I just like the look; it’s a good style. It is just a little sleeve that seems to help a little bit. I think it looks good, looks like I’m a great athlete."

Bio Skin is proud to support over 40 professional sports teams with premium bracing and high-level compression products that improve recovery and enhance performance.

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One thought on “Quarterback Eli Manning Trains with Bio Skin”

  • Allan

    how well would this work for jiu jitsu? jiu jitsu is a grappling / wrestling type of sport. thats how i hurt my knee in the first place. havent been able to get back into it just yet.


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