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July 2014 - BioSkin

Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Bull Rider Charlie

    Name: Charlie Scolari Charlie
    State/Country: Idaho
    Product(s) Used: Compression Shorts
    Testimonial: Every one check out Bio Skin they'll keep you held together! Great products!

  • Sponsored Athletes: Marc Miller & Justin Weilacher

    Justin2 Justin nails his putt.

    Athletes: Marc Miller and Justin Weilacher
    Event: Flipper Memorial Disc Golf Tournament
    State: California
    Product: Ten-7
    Personal Blog: http://dbfreediscgolf.wordpress.com/

    What makes you inspirational?
    “At 45, and as an athlete and avid amateur disc golfer for the previous twenty years, my body has experienced its fair share of ailments. I first experienced knee problems at 18, and I underwent three separate knee surgeries before age 20. Later in my 20s and 30s, I struggled with cartilage problems and nearly intractable quadriceps tendonitis in both knees. Through it all I have persevered and have never been kept away from my sport for long.

    It is all too easy to crumble under the weight of multiple, early-onset degenerative conditions such as arthritis and chronic lower back problems. It is tempting to say, "Not anymore. It hurts too much and I just have to take it easy from now on." I have not succumbed to that yet, and I do not plan to put away my discs and stop playing tournaments with my friends anytime soon.” –Marc

    Marc winding up for a long drive. Marc winding up for a long drive.

    "I'm trying to make disc golf and disc golf tournaments more professional in experience and in appearance. I hope to raise the level of respect that disc golf demands in the larger sporting world." -Justin

    Justin1 Justin's straight tee-off.
  • Sponsored Athlete: John Schultz

    All smiles for the 27k desert trail race. All smiles for the 27k desert trail race.

    Athlete: John Schultz
    Event: Aravaipa Adrenaline 27k
    State: Arizona
    Product: Bio Skin Calf Skins
    Personal Blog: http://runningthetrails.blogspot.com/

    What makes you inspirational?
    I love not only sharing my passion for trail running and being active outdoors, but also encouraging others to do the same. Best reward: convincing a casual runner to join in on an epic trail run or race, followed by seeing them get completely hooked on it.

    Also, I'm a former University of Oregon Duck track/cross-country runner who's converted to mostly trail running/ultrarunning. I broke my leg/ankle mountain biking (ankle "hardware" is still installed!) and part of my long recovery was to run on softer surfaces. I've been running the trails ever since. Random fact: to date I've run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (~48 miles) six times.

    Reaching the finish line! Reaching the finish line!
  • Sponsored Athlete: Nathan Brown

    Nathan heading toward a 5k PR! Nathan heading toward a 5k PR!

    Athlete: Nathan Brown
    Event: Memorial Day 5K
    State: Florida
    Product: Bio Skin Calf Skins
    Personal Blog: http://beastmoderunning.com/
    Visit www.beastmoderunning.com for a full race recap.

    What makes you inspirational?
    I came to be an adult runner a little differently than most. I didn't start late in life. I actually started very early. I was a good high school runner and a decent collegiate miler. It was after my freshman year at college that I decided to chase a different dream. I wanted to play college football. After making the college football team I drifted away from athletics altogether. I would play on the occasional city league softball team and even played a little semi-pro football. But I no longer took my health seriously and you could tell. After being a two sport college athlete in my early twenties, by 25 I was severely overweight. I drank too often, ate too much, and stayed up too late.

    Nathan's support team. Nathan's support team.

    It wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2009 that I realized I needed to turn my life around. I weighed about 240 pounds and I didn’t feel good. I started hitting the gym and started hitting the streets again. It felt so good. It was hard work. There were times I wanted to quit. I didn’t feel I was losing weight fast enough, or my running times weren’t where I thought they should be. But I kept working and adjusting my diet. By my 30th birthday I was rounding into the best shape of my life.

    Now at 31 I have my eyes set on a new goal, becoming a professional ultra-runner and making the 2018 USA 24-hour team. I have a great support crew, my wife and daughter keep me grounded and motivated. I continue to spread my love for fitness and my passion for running as a coach here locally in South Florida and virtually across the country. I also coach local runners of all skill levels and recently started a website and am working to starting a local running club/racing team.

  • Ultra Dawn's Hot & Humid Review

    20140629-173855-63535628 Inkdgirl along the humid riverfront trails.

    Introducing Dawn aka Inkdgirl. Who is Inkdgirl? She’s an ultra marathoner, blogger, mom, real estate rockstar and an inspiration for those of us wanting to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Inkdgirl once weighed 284lbs, but has transformed her life with healthy eating habits, workout routines and mindset to be a better person.

    Inkdgirl recently received a pair of Bio Skin calf skins and gives us a personal review after trying them out for several miles. You can view her full review at http://shrinkinginkdgirl.com/2014/06/29/bioskin-review/

    "They felt great, there is a lot of compression in these bad boys!

    I went for a short 4.5 mile run the first time. No issues with my calves cramping or any shin pain. A good feeling. When I got home I really didn’t want to take them off, they felt so good.

    Well today I decided I needed them on a long slow run in the heat and humidity.

    inked “They felt great, there is a lot of compression in these bad boys!"

    I wanted to see if there would be any slippage with my sweaty legs and there definitely was not. It was about 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 F) here today and I was a puddle. My poor sleeves ended up with some major salt stains! My run was a beauty through the riverfront trails.

    I got home and literally peeled the sleeves from my legs, they were soaked but my legs felt great. I just threw them in the sink and hand washed them, put them outside to dry because I plan on wearing them tonight for recovery!

    I am very pleased with the quality of these sleeves and will look into the other compression gear they offer! Which is quite a few! I’m a fan!"






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