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May 2014 - BioSkin

Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Ready to Play Disc Golf?

    When’s the last time you played disc golf?

    snowbowl-09-07-2009-046For Justin Weilacher the answer would probably a few hours ago. Justin is an avid disc golfer who is highly involved in his disc golf community and looking for ways to inform and engage others about the sport. Playing a lot of disc golf can take a toll on the body with constant throwing, pivoting and hiking over uneven surfaces. Justin has had chronic knee issues over the past few years and gives us his take on how the Ten-7 brace has improved his game. You can read his full blog post at http://dbfreediscgolf.wordpress.com/

    “I was initially concerned about a knee brace that did not go on the knee. Disc golf involves lots of planting, pivoting, and driving off of my long injured knee and I didn’t know how the brace could support my knee while strapped to my thigh. I worried that it might slide down my leg; I’m not as thin or toned as their model is.
    Well, I don’t know how my cell phone works either yet I have plenty of confidence that it will work. I read the included pamphlet along with the online information about compression technology and I was ready to put it on.

    Initially, it looked odd with an inverted plastic dish (actuator) positioned on the inner quad. The straps are designed to press this dish into a specific place on the quad.

    After a couple misfires, I got the brace on correctly and now it goes on and comes off much faster. I find that putting it on while standing works best. While seated, I sometimes don’t center the brace properly.

    My knee has always been a problem. I had surgery in high school to clean up the cartilage. I never really embraced physical therapy. I gradually lost more and more flexibility and strength. I hurt my knee multiple times on the course and went to see an orthopedist.

    The doctor suggested an MRI most likely followed by surgery. After many conversations with my wife and other long time knee-pain-sufferers, I decided to lose some weight and try and rehab the knee like I should have done over 2 decades ago.

    Disc GolfShortly after, I was lucky enough to get the BioSkin Ten-7 Knee Brace. The brace provided immediate relief. My knee felt stronger immediately. Twisting and planting on the leg bothers me less and less. The perpetual swelling has been reduced despite my activity level going up. I have shot under par every round of golf since starting to wear the brace.

    Most importantly is how strong my knee feels when I’m not wearing the brace. My confidence in the knee continues to rise. I have been able to use the elliptical at the gym for 40 minutes a session without needing to ice.

    I am seeing continued improvement in my backhand driving as I get more and more comfortable planting on my right leg again. I couldn’t be happier.

    Sliding towards my knee has not really been a problem. The one or two times it started to happen I just used a damp hand clothe to moisten the skin and, as advertised, the brace stayed put."


  • Sabra

    Name: Sabraxsabra300x300.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IkWBrZbEbd
    State/Country: Oregon
    Product(s) Used: DP2 Wrist Brace

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