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March 2014 - BioSkin

Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Show Some 'Skin: Hoopster Terriel Thomas

    Name: TerrielTerriel
    State/Country: Idaho
    Product(s) Used: Standard Knee Skin









  • Ultra Marathon Recovery, Training and Racing


    Brian aka "Cledawg" He's a follower of Jesus, Husband, Father of two, Grandfather of two, Miniature Schnauzer Fan, Retired SMSgt (20yrs USAF), Ultra & Marathon Runner and Monster CLEVELAND BROWNS fan.

    Brian recently ran the Graveyard 100k race and tells us about his recovery process. You can read more about Brian at http://briansrunningadventures.com/ or visit him on twitter @cledawgs

    One of the advantages of blogging about the sport I love and spend a fair amount of time talking about, writing about and thinking about is that once in a while someone asks my opinion about something. Upon receiving the Bio Skin calf skins I thanked the supplier and mentioned I had planned to wear them as recovery for my Graveyard 100k run (March 8/9) as I knew for sure my legs would be beat up, figured this was prime test drive material.

    Out of the box, the sleeves felt like a quality material, not a cheap spandex type item you might find at a discount store.  These are a top end product made of a tri-laminate design to dramatically enhance comfort and wearability. It is constructed of Lycra on the inside and outside with a thin polyurethane “SmartsSkin” membrane in between. Yet, it is only 1.05mm thick and much stronger than neoprene and other fabrics used in orthopedics.  The stretchy fabric felt nice to the touch not course or abrasive with no obviously sharp areas or seams that might dig into you. The sleeves I received were black in color and featured the Bio Skin’s®  logo on the top.

    After completing the 100k race (5th overall male), it took about an hour to get cleaned up and back to my hotel.  I put on the compression sleeves right away and laid down to take a short nap before my drive home.  The sleeves went on easy and were not a challenge to get a comfortable fit.  At this point I began to feel some soreness setting into my legs from the 100k, I laid down for about two hours and when I woke up my thighs were pretty sore but my calves were not.


    I wore the skins for the rest of the night and proceeded to sleep in them.  From most of my long run/race experience the morning after is the worst for soreness in my legs.  And that was true again, my legs felt every mile of the 63 miles I ran…my quads were tight and a bit upset with me.  But other than some slight soreness in my right Achilles my calves feel much better than my quads in general.  I can’t say zero pain/soreness but I will say they feel about 80% better if I had to put a number on it.

    Thank you  Bio Skin for allowing me to review your product I recommend it to anyone looking for a way to speed up recovery after a long run or race.



  • Today's Words of Glass--Running, Recovery and Compression

    1977162_243392685839678_320614734_nAmy Glass—Mom, wife, runner, blogger and ice cream addict shares her insights on injury recovery and compression. 

    If you've been following me, then you know I'm coming back from injury (Injury Update - MRI results), and I'm a HUGE believer in compression. I wear compression sleeves while running, and I wear some type of compression for recovery. I have had issues in the past with calf cramps. Experienced runners advised compression. I listened, and I've never turned back.

    So when I had the chance to check out Bio Skin Calf Sleeves, I was curious to see how they worked. When I measured my calf, I was in between a medium and a large. I was going to go with the smaller size of medium, but I was advised that it's a pretty tight fit and I might want the larger size. So I tried both a medium and a large.

    The Bio Skin is definitely a tighter fit than my other compression sleeves. So if you are 'in between' sizes, I would recommend the larger size.

    And the directions say not to try to put them on over wet skin, or lotion etc. I would advise you to heed this advice.... just sayin' it might not be too pretty if you don't... not admitting that I tried or anything ;)
    Overall, I was pleased with the Bio Skin Calf sleeve. I will admit that I had to adjust to the feel of the compression as it's a little more than I'm used to. I used them for recovery. And I do wish that I'd had these earlier in my injury when I required 'wrapping' my leg. I believe these would have provided the compression that I needed instead of trying to 'wrap' it.

    In addition to muscle sprains, the Bio Skin Calf sleeves are also supposed to help with shin splints. With my increased distance and pace runs, I've utilized the Bio Skin calf sleeves to help me to recovery for my next workout.

    So far so good....

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