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December 2013 - BioSkin

Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Hoop Star Jane

    Jane showing her moves and medals at the World Senior Games Jane showing her moves and medals at the World Senior Games

    Name: Jane
    State/Country: Oregon
    Product(s) Used: Visco knee skins
    Testimonial: As an athlete who has recently competed in National and World Senior Games, I can say that without your well-made comfortable products, I would have had more difficulty performing in both basketball and softball. I've tried other alternatives and haven't found any as good as yours. I injured my leg/knee/lower back in June, but I never stopped competing. I currently own 7 of your products (2 Visco knee skins, 2 original knee skins, back skin, patella strap, and compression shorts), and looking to buy 2 more...plus letting my teammates and fellow competitors know about your fantastic products. Maybe I shouldn't let the competition in on it.

  • Tennis Champ Wendy

    Wendy & tennis partner at the Alabama State Combo Championship. Wendy & tennis partner at the Alabama State Combo Championship.

    Name: Wendy
    State/Country: Alabama
    Product(s) Used: TriLok Ankle Brace
    Testimonial: This is me playing tennis at the Alabama state combo championship. We came in second place.









  • Benefits of Compression - Increase Performance, Reduce Injury



    • Restores integrity to muscle tissues as they recover from various activities or exercise
    • Initiates a healing or recovery response to muscles that have been fatigued or hurt
    • Lessens inflammation and swelling in injured areas
    • Improves the efficiency of the muscle and joint pumps Continue reading
  • Jai Alai's Strong in Florida—November Winner!

    Congratulations to Inaki for being our favorite photo from November and winning $200. Thank you to everyone for submitting your photos and sharing your testimonials.


    “Hi, my name is Inaki, and I am a professional Jai Alai player at Miami, Florida. A few years ago I started suffering many different injuries in both of my calves. I had to scratch and stop playing various times, and I started to consider retirement due to my calves. I tried many different products but they were either too soft that didn't do anything to protect my muscles or they were too constrictive and they would make it worst and hurt my calves. Then one day another player talked to me about Bio Skin. He let me try the sleeves he had been using for a while and right away I felt the difference. It holds the muscle enough not to be pulled but it is soft enough not to constrain it, and use it every day. I felt in love with them right away, and now I'm using my third pair already.

    I have used other Bio Skin products, like the compression shorts or the elbow brace when I have had problems in those areas for some periods of time, but I have been using the calf sleeves every day for the last four years, and I would recommend it to anybody that has an active live but has calf problems."

    Two Ways to Win Each Month!
    Email your photos to: bebetter@bioskin.com for your chance to win next month Show Some 'Skin contest! Remember to include your name, state/country and the Bio Skin product you use.

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