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October 2012 - BioSkin

Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • TriLok Ankle Brace Speeds Recovery After an Ankle Sprain

    Jacob Hall was playing in the regional championship game of his church’s youth basketball league in Charlotte, North Carolina. The score was tied when Jacob went down with a sprained ankle. Not wanting to watch the 6'3" sophomore sit out during the final game, a parent offered the TriLok Ankle Brace her doctor had given her for her own sprained ankle. Although the brace was a little snug on his size 13 foot, Jacob played the rest of the game and his team won the game and the title.

    Now Jacob is sporting his own Bio Skin TriLok--size extra-large.

    Use a TriLok for the fastest recovery after an ankle sprain.

  • Compression Improves Muscle Recovery Time

    A study published in Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy by William Kraemer from Ball State University looked at the effects of compression on delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  That’s the soreness you feel 1-2 days after a really hard workout.

    In the study, 20 women performed 2 sets of arm curls and then were randomized into 2 groups with one group being instructed to wear a compressive sleeve for the next 5 days.  Researchers then collected data on elbow range of motion, arm circumference, creatine kinase levels (a naturally-occurring chemical that accompanies muscle damage), and perceived muscle soreness.

    Compared to the control group, the group wearing the compression sleeves showed better range of motion, less swelling, lower levels of creatine kinase, improved recovery of force production, and reported less perceived soreness.

    Use Bio Skin compression sleeves and apparel to help you train harder by allowing your muscles recover faster and preventing swelling and soreness that could slow you down.

  • Aaron D. - Medford, OR

    Within a couple of days of trying on the Ten-7, I experienced a very sharp decrease in pain. Within a couple more days that pain was gone, and within a week or two, I was back to running.

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