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Bio Skin Materials

Benefits of Compression

We understand our products are being used by people who want to be active, so we designed materials that provide excellent compression without limiting activity. Bio Skin© is a unique, patented material designed to provide high-level compression without creating any discomfort. Bio Skin is thin and gives radial compression so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. Bio Skin is also breathable, so perspiration evaporates right through it, and is hypo-allergenic so you don't have to worry about skin reactions. These characteristics make wearing Bio Skin products a surprisingly satisfying experience. Read More

Revolutionary, Micro-Thin, Bio Skin

The Family of Bio Skin Materials have a tri-laminate design to dramatically enhance comfort and wearability. It is constructed of Lycra on the inside and outside with a thin polyurethane “SmartSkin” membrane in between. Yet, it is only 1.05mm thick and much stronger than neoprene and other fabrics used in orthopedics.

SkinLok™ Anti-Slip Mechanism

The SkinLok characteristic is one of BioSkin's greatest assests and most unique qualities. When the skin begins to perspire, the SkinLok feature activates and increases the coefficient of friction between the material and the skin. This increase causes the brace to stay more firmly in place, even during heavy activity, while still allowing perspiration to evaporate through the material.

Radial Stretch - Contours to the body shape

Bio Skin material stretches in all directions and contours wonderfully to the body. Bio Skin 4-Way, radial stretch qualities allow maximum clinical level compression to the joint, while offering maximum comfort. Bio Skin stretches to fit the shape of the body.

Breathability - Air and perspiration release

Bio Skin material is specifically designed for orthopaedics and sports medicine - providing maximum compression and maximum comfort. Breathability is imperative for healthy skin and maximum comfort. Bio Skin allows natural body temperature regulation.



Thin Skin™ Material. Highest level of compression.

Bio Skin Ultima Thin Skin material provides the highest level of compression compared to our other materials. Ultima provides dynamic compression in our Knee Skins ™ and Performance Supports .

  • Original Bio Skin material
  • 18-20 mm Hg compression
  • Ultra-thin
  • Ultra-lightweight

Ultima 2S™

Soft Skin™ Material. Soft comfort against skin.

Bio Skin Ultima2s Soft Skin material has a soft, micro-fleece lining to provide extra softness against the skin. Ultima 2s is used in our Ankle Skins ™, Wrist Skins ™, and as an option behind the knee for Knee Skins

  • Super soft, micro-fleece lining
  • Lightweight
  • Thin

Ultima 2SL™

Easy Adjustability Material

Bio Skin Ultima2sL features a velcro® compatible surface for easy adjustability. Ultima 2sL provides premium anchoring and closure technology in Front Closure Knee Skins , the TriLok ™, and Wrist Skins

  • Super soft, micro-fleece lining
  • Lightweight
  • Thin


Comfort Skin™ Material. Comfort compression.

Bio Skin Stratus Comfort Skin™ material provides compression and support with extraordinary comfort. Stratus is offered as a choice of material in our Knee Skins and Knee Braces .

  • Anatomical Stretch Technology
  • Maximum proprioception
  • Perfect breathability
  • Natural temperature control
  • Extraordinary suspension