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Boomerang Wrist Wrap Boomerang Wrist Wrap Boomerang Wrist Wrap Boomerang Wrist Wrap Boomerang Wrist Wrap Boomerang Wrist Wrap
Boomerang Wrist Wrap

Boomerang Wrist Wrap

Light support for mild pain or injury
A simple compression wrap that fits on either wrist. Learn more
This simple wrap is constructed from BioSkin's light and breathable material to comfortably provide compression and support for minor wrist injuries.The Boomerang is designed to fit on either hand and allow for full use of your fingers and thumb.

Use the Boomerang wrist wrap to recover from wrist injuries such as mild arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and wrist sprains. The simple wrap comfortably provides compression and mild support to either wrist.

The Boomerang wrist wrap can prevent wrist pain with compression and mild support. Wrap the Boomerang around either wrist before repetitive movements or heavy lifting to provide mild support to the joint. The compression will increase proprioceptive feedback to the brain, improving coordination and preventing unwanted movement of the wrist joint.

Improve your wrist function with the Boomerang wrist wrap. Use the Boomerang to provide compression to your wrist joint, which will increase circulation and proprioception. Increased proprioceptive feedback to the brain improves confidence and coordination of your joint's movement.

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Reviews for Boomerang Wrist Wrap

  1. Billy9/23/17


    The Bioskin Boomerang Wrist Brace is wonderful. I use it to help keep my wrist from bending back and forth too much on my tennis strokes. This in turn really helps me to mitigate Medial Epicondylitis. Very comfortable. Very adjustable. Great product.

  2. Jason Williams12/4/13


    Just gotta say, the Boomerang is awesome! I've always had thin wrists and at times they tend to ache, plus using a keyboard all day sure doesn't help. What I love about the boomerang brace is how incredibly comfortable it is and thin. I wear it all day with no discomfort or bad sweaty smell. I love that it's versatile so I can use it on either hand if needed. I'll be buying one for my co-worker very soon. Great brace, highly recommended to anyone with day-to-day write problems. Thanks again!

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