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Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™ Ten-7™


Immediate relief from chronic knee pain.

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The Ten-7 is the first knee brace that doesn't go on your knee! It provides immediate relief from various types of chronic knee pain including osteoarthritis, patellofemoral problems, and the long-term effects of traumatic injury without surgery or drugs. It provides high-level, targeted compression to the anatomical structures that control and support knee while being worn comfortably and discretely on your thigh.

Try a Ten-7, risk free before more invasive and expensive treatments.

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Reviews for Ten-7™

  1. Diane3/6/19


    I have advanced osteoarthritis in my right knee., "bone on bone". I was using the Bioskin knee sleeve, which was okay. I started using the TEN-7 very recently, have used it several times when I play ping pong. I noticed that my right knee feels much better after wearing the TEN-7, and even going up and down stairs has improved, not as much pain! I've decided to wear the brace at home, as it seems to help my knee, pain -wise. I'm glad I upgraded from the simple knee sleeve to the TEN-7! So far, so good!
    Mahalo for a great product!

  2. teeny1/3/18


    I'm awaiting total knee replacement on my left knee and right knee. I started wearing the braces as soon as I got them in the mail. I noticed an instant difference in my right knee. I wasn't feeling the bone on bone any longer and the pain was gone. It was unbelievable. Im so happy and amazed and have already told several friends, doctors and my surgeon. Thank you!

  3. Brian12/4/17


    Purchased to stop extreme referral pain at knee cap coming from hip which is being replaced shortly. Excellent relief. Can not judge stabilizing of knee, since I am currently very inactive.

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