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Standard KneeSkin™

Firm Compression, light support
A simple knee compression sleeve for comfortable support and pain relief Learn more

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The Standard Knee Skin is a great option for mild knee pain. We constructed the sleeve from our breathable, thin, and strong material to provide comfort and medical-grade compression to the knee joint. Compression increases circulation, enhances recovery, and heightens proprioception. These benefits work together to make your knee work more efficiently and pain-free. Our material has a unique Skin Lok feature that activates with sweat or moisture so it stays in place, even during vigorous activity.

Medical-grade compression applied to the knee with the Standard Knee Skin can enhance recovery from a number of injuries, including swelling, general pain, mild sprains and osteoarthritis. The increased circulation from the compression allows more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the site, speeding recovery. Compression also alleviates pain and enhances proprioception so your knee works more efficiently.

The benefits of compression work together to enhance recovery and prevent injuries. Use the Standard Knee Skin to provide medical-grade compression to the knee joint. The increased circulation will enhance recovery and prevent overworked muscles, the most common cause of injury. Compression also increases proprioception, or the positive sensorimotor feedback sent to your brain. This feedback improves your confidence and coordination during movement, further preventing injury.

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Reviews for Standard KneeSkin™

  1. Mo-ichido6/10/18


    Money well spent. Started using BioSkin products over 15yrs ago. Nothing else comes even close to comfort, practicality and functionality, and they look good!!!
    The innovative design and material reduces the bulk but retains the support and compression and allows full use of the joint with confidence but very little restriction, perfect for an aging martial artist who still thinks they're 25. I wear my knee supports whilst teaching and training hard for over 30hrs a week, not one issue with them. Like i said money well spent.

  2. John5/19/18


    Stays put during activity.

  3. Kirk1/25/18


    I was introduced to BioSkin braces a few years ago by an orthopedic surgeon. Per his recommendation, over several years I have used BioSkin knee braces, some with straps, some without, for gym work, golf, archery tournaments, bicycle riding, yard work, etc. I have tried other braces, and none even come close to the comfort, support and durability of my BioSkin braces. The material used is breathable, thus making the brace more comfortable in hot and humid conditions. I've also found my braces to be quite durable, even with hour upon hours of rigorous wear and periodic hand washings. My experience with customer service regarding a replacement brace has also been pleasant. BioSkin braces are priced at a good value, and with their comfort, durability, and support coupled with good customer service, I have been and remain a satisfied customer.

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