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Standard KneeSkin™ Standard KneeSkin™ Standard KneeSkin™ Standard KneeSkin™ Standard KneeSkin™ Standard KneeSkin™
Standard KneeSkin™

Standard KneeSkin™

Firm Compression, light support
A simple knee compression sleeve for comfortable support and pain relief Learn more

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The Standard Knee Skin is a great option for mild knee pain. We constructed the sleeve from our breathable, thin, and strong material to provide comfort and medical-grade compression to the knee joint. Compression increases circulation, enhances recovery, and heightens proprioception. These benefits work together to make your knee work more efficiently and pain-free. Our material has a unique Skin Lok feature that activates with sweat or moisture so it stays in place, even during vigorous activity.

Medical-grade compression applied to the knee with the Standard Knee Skin can enhance recovery from a number of injuries, including swelling, general pain, mild sprains and osteoarthritis. The increased circulation from the compression allows more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the site, speeding recovery. Compression also alleviates pain and enhances proprioception so your knee works more efficiently.

The benefits of compression work together to enhance recovery and prevent injuries. Use the Standard Knee Skin to provide medical-grade compression to the knee joint. The increased circulation will enhance recovery and prevent overworked muscles, the most common cause of injury. Compression also increases proprioception, or the positive sensorimotor feedback sent to your brain. This feedback improves your confidence and coordination during movement, further preventing injury.

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Reviews for Standard KneeSkin™

  1. Ed10/12/18


    Recommended by my primary doctor (also a sports doc). Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that the Knee Skin Sleeve tends to bind (behind the knee) while cycling (spin class). The binding is annoying but not terrible. I have seen competitors that have an open or mesh section behind the knee that is supposed to alleviate the binding issue.

  2. Steve P8/7/18


    Bought the Standard KneeSkin w/ optional straps for my 79 year old mom. Her knee has been 'giving out' causing her to fall and her ace-type brace does not provide sufficient support. After trying a hinged brace and neoprene brace, she hated both, I went ahead and measured her for this BioSkin knee brace. I have used the BioSkin bio shins for runners shin splints for years and figured she might be okay with the feel and breathability of this material. Not only does she love how the KneeSkin feels, it provides far more support than she ever imagined. She is now walking with more confidence and stability than she has in years, and it is comfortable enough to keep on all day. She still has her appointment to get a complete diagnosis on the extent of her knee issue (aside from stubbornness) and if a more specific knee brace is called for, I'm fairly certain she will insist on a BioSkin.

  3. Mo-ichido6/10/18


    Money well spent. Started using BioSkin products over 15yrs ago. Nothing else comes even close to comfort, practicality and functionality, and they look good!!!
    The innovative design and material reduces the bulk but retains the support and compression and allows full use of the joint with confidence but very little restriction, perfect for an aging martial artist who still thinks they're 25. I wear my knee supports whilst teaching and training hard for over 30hrs a week, not one issue with them. Like i said money well spent.

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