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Patella Stabilizer Patella Stabilizer Patella Stabilizer Patella Stabilizer Patella Stabilizer
Patella Stabilizer

Patella Stabilizer

Light support, firm compression
Designed to relieve anterior knee pain, reduce swelling, and stabilize the patella. Learn more

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The Patella Stabilizer is a lightweight brace designed to relieve anterior knee pain. Breathable, hypoallergenic materials provide medical-grade compression to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. A foam buttress circles the kneecap for passive massage, stabilization, and protection. Flexible stays on each side of the brace provide further support to the knee joint. The materials allow the brace to be worn comfortably all day long, even during vigorous activity.

Recover from anterior knee pain and knee instability with the Patella Stabilizer. The foam buttress circling the kneecap provides passive massage to reduce swelling, stabilization to the patella, and protection from blunt force and kneeling. The Patella Stabilizer is constructed from hypoallergenic materials for comfort and compression. The benefits of compression work together to enhance recovery through increased circulation and reduced inflammation.

Prevent knee pain and injury with the Patella Stabilizer. The foam buttress forms a circle around the patella for protection and stabilization. The compressive materials also help to prevent pain and injury. Compression increases circulation and heightens proprioception so your muscles work more efficiently and with improved confidence and coordination to prevent possible injury.

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Reviews for Patella Stabilizer

  1. Scott in Richmond8/24/18


    Back in 2014 I partially tore my patellar tendon and when the ortho doc was repairing that he discovered that my patella moves at a bit of an angle due to overdevelopment of my inner quad muscle. The larger inner muscle pulls the knee cap at an angle so it not only put undue strain on the tendon but also wore down the cartilage. I went from running half marathons at a 7:30 - 7:45/mile pace to not running for 2 years. I have had trouble getting back into training because of the ongoing pain in my knee. The Bioskin Patella Stabilizer is the first brace that has given me hope to resume training. On my first run with the brace my knee felt better supported and was completely pain-free for the first time in a very long time. I look forward to many more miles and more races thanks to this awesome brace.

  2. Jim6/27/18


    I've been using these braces for years, since breaking my knee cap. Great brace, great quality!

  3. Jim6/21/18


    It's been several years since my last purchase, but the great quality remains! Excellent product for people who need the stabilizing effect.

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