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Gladiator - Front Closure Hinged Knee Brace

Maximum Protection, Adjustable Fit
Protect the ligaments in your knee with the Gladiator's medical-grade compression and 15 inch rigid hinge Learn more

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The Gladiator is designed to protect the ligaments of the knee and provide extra stability to the joint. The brace includes a durable 15 inch rigid hinge to limit painful motion and support the knee. The hinge has range of motion control so you can limit joint motion to a specific degree of flexion and/or extension. The top and bottom of the hinge can be bent to fit the specific contour of your leg for customizable comfort. A silicone gel pad circles the knee cap to provide passive massive and swelling control. Breathable, hypoallergenic materials provide medical-grade compression to enhance recovery and reduce inflammation. The Gladiator comes in a pull-on version for optimal compression throughout the entire joint or a wrap-around front closure option for those looking for an easy-to-apply brace or to accommodate for the size changes as swelling is reduced.

Recover from joint instability, ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL sprains and tears with the Gladiator. A durable 15 inch rigid hinge provides support and range of motion control to an unstable or injured joint. Limiting painful motion allow the ligaments and injured tissue time to heal. A silicone gel ring around the patella provides passive massage to boost rehabilitation and control edema.The brace is constructed from comfortable, breathable materials that provide medical-grade compression. Compression is used to enhance recovery, increase circulation, and reduce swelling.

Torn ligaments in the knee can sometimes lead to chronic joint instability. Use the Gladiator to protect and prevent your knee against re-injury. The durable 15 inch rigid hinge provides stability to the joint and can be set to limit any unwanted motion. The brace is constructed from materials that provide medical-grade compression to enhance recovery and heighten proprioception. Increased proprioceptive feedback improves movement confidence and coordination, further preventing possible injury.

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Reviews for Gladiator - Front Closure Hinged Knee Brace

  1. Brian10/1/17


    I am extremely happy with the Gladiator knee brace. It provides me with great support for my knees during my karate and hockey training. My osteoarthritis (in both knees) is getting worse and I found that my older Q BRACE™ - FRONT CLOSURE - PATELLOFEMORAL KNEE BRACE was not providing the additional support now needed. It was a good brace up to this point. I have since bought a 2nd gladiator for my other knee. The gladiator is a great product.

  2. SS2/21/17


    The sizing ran small for me. I measured exactly as instructed and ordered M. It was too small. L worked perfectly, exchange and refund as advertised. I have one surgically repaired knee (patellar ACL replacement) I ordered one for each leg,(I'm thinking HANS Device for race drivers) and they were easily adjusted to fit each leg. Very comfortable and far less bulky than my 12 year old Bauerfeind. I like being able to suite up for skiing with boots on, and then put the braces on just before skiing. I did not need to bend the metal pieces as the video illustrated. Just don't cinch them up real tight.

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