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Standard AnkleSkin™ Ankle Sleeve with Figure 8 Wrap

Compressive sleeve with extra support
A simple compression sleeve with light support for your ankle. Learn more

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The Standard Ankle Skin delivers medical-grade compression and light support to your foot and ankle. The brace is made of our breathable, hypoallergenic material for optimal comfort and compression. The material is micro-fleece lined for a touch of softness against your skin and the ability to wick moisture quickly, even during exercise. Just pull it on like a sock and secure it closed with the Velcro tabs in the back. For additional support, use the optional Figure 8 Wrap to surround the ankle joint and limit unwanted movements.

The Standard Ankle Skin is designed to reduce swelling and enhance recovery after an injury or operation. Medical-grade compression is provided by the breathable, hypoallergenic materials used in this ankle sleeve. Compression increases circulation, allowing more nutrient-rich blood to flow through the injured site and speed recovery. The tight squeeze of compression also reduces swelling and can alleviate pain.

Protect against ankle injuries with the Standard Ankle Skin. The sleeve provides medical-grade compression to increase circulation and proprioception. These benefits work together to improve movement confidence and coordination in order to prevent unwanted movements to the joint.

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Reviews for Standard AnkleSkin™ Ankle Sleeve with Figure 8 Wrap

  1. Nikita6/9/18


    Really helped keep my ankle stable and relieved pain.

  2. Gym mom3/5/17


    I got this for my daughter who is a gymnast. It offered great support for her injury however the seam on the back would rub her raw while working out. If this seam could some how be perfected I think it would be the best brace.

  3. Best Ankle Support Ever1/11/17


    I am allergic to latex and neoprene and have been looking for good ankle support and this is it. It keeps the swelling down and ultimately I think it's helping to make it stronger. I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

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