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Hallux Control Strap with CMC Foot Wrap

Hallux Control Strap with CMC Foot Wrap

Maintains proper toe positioning
A strap for your big toe to promote proper healing after bunion correction Learn more

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The Hallux Control Strap supports proper healing after bunion correction and helps prevent bunions from worsening by splinting the hallux, or big toe, in a neutral position. The strap is constructed from our soft and moisture wicking micro-fleece material to keep you cool and dry. The material is entirely trimmable for a customized fit. The Hallux Control Strap can be comfortably worn in most footwear. Although shown attached to the CMC Wrap (included with your purchase), the Hallux Control Strap is also compatible with our AFTR and AFTR DC ankle braces for additional support and swelling control.

Use the Hallux Control Stap to properly recover from a bunion correction. The strap stretches the tendons during healing to improve the range of motion of your big toe. The resistance provided by the strap also strengthens the flexor hallucis longus tendon for improved toe-off.

Prevent bunions from worsening with the Hallux Control Strap. The strap splints the big toe into a neutral position and stretches the tendons to promote a healthy alignment. This also helps to increase the range of motion and strengthen the tendons around your big toe in order to improve function.

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Reviews for Hallux Control Strap with CMC Foot Wrap

  1. Frank5/20/18


    A little challenging to put on, works good in shoes, in my case I can't leave on too long as my bunions are so bad. Will try to use intermittently to see if I can get some longer term relief.

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