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AFTR™ - Pull-on Ankle Brace

High compression for mild swelling
A simple, supportive ankle brace to treat many foot and ankle injuries. Learn more

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The AFTR Ankle brace is designed to stabilize the hindfoot and ankle to enhance the recovery process. Plastic stays on both sides of the ankle and a figure 8 stirrup strap work together to provide the stabilization needed to allow the injured tissue time to heal. The brace limits medial and lateral motion without affecting plantar and dorsiflexion, allowing the brace to comfortably support your foot and ankle during activity. The AFTR is constructed from our breathable, hypoallergenic materials to provide comfortable compression to the foot in order to reduce swelling and inflammation.

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Peroneal Pain

After an ankle or foot injury, it is important to stabilize the joint to allow the tissue time to heal. The AFTR Ankle brace is designed to provide this imperative stabilization and support to the ankle and hindfoot. The plastic stays on both sides of the ankle add support to the joint and limit motion in the medial and lateral directions. The figure 8 stirrup strap surrounds the joint to further limits motion in the unwanted directions and allows the injured tissue time to recover. The brace is constructed from a breathable, compressive material that provides medical-grade compression in order to reduce swelling and further enhance recovery.

Protect against ankle and foot injuries with the AFTR Ankle brace. The figure 8 strap surrounds the joint to provide stabilization and support to an injury-prone joint. Plastic stays on both sides of ankle also support the hindfoot and ankle to protect against unwanted, injurious motion. The compressive base sleeve of the brace heightens proprioception which improves confidence and coordination of your joint's movement during activity.

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Reviews for AFTR™ - Pull-on Ankle Brace

  1. Linda urban5/25/18


    This brace doesn't dig into my skin like the other one did leaving cuts. It is very comfortable, fits in any shoe, helps stabilize my ankle, and is very soft. Would highly recommend and have already.

  2. John2/20/18


    I am a PA that has worked in the Orthopedic field for 15 years and have seen, and personally used, a variety of ankle braces over the years. I am recovering from an ankle fracture and was released to full weight bearing. Looked at A LOT of braces online. I bought the AFTR to help with stability so I could get back to hiking ASAP! It has been everything the manufacturer promises. Comfortable, easy to put on, offers stability and breathes. I have worn it for as long as 14 hrs without any issues. I'm back to hiking without a worry with my AFTR!

  3. Vball mom11/30/17


    Our daughter was recovering from an ankle sprain and was afraid she would miss part of her middle school volleyball season. A rigorous rehab program along with the AFTR braces helped her get back on the court within two weeks. She's still going strong for club season with no issues. She was uncertain of them at first, but quickly got used to them and says they are comfortable to wear. She leaves them off for conditioning and ankle strengthening exercises.

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