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Foot & Ankle Braces

Form Designed for Function

An active person averages 7,500 steps per day which means that over a lifetime, a person can put in over 2 billion steps. That's a lot of opportunities for twisted ankles and over-stressed tendons. BioSkin foot and ankle braces help prevent and treat ankle injuries and support tendons and ligaments to relieve pain from many common foot ailments. Each brace is specifically designed to work with your anatomy and physiology to correct the root cause of injury and allow your body the time it needs to heal.

Details Matter

BioSkin foot and ankle braces are designed to be easy to apply and comfortable to wear. All our foot and ankle braces feature our unique BioSkin materials with soft, moisture-wicking fleece against the skin to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. Other features like the absence of laces, rounded edge velcro tabs, and customizable support are included on all BioSkin foot and ankle braces to make sure they are easy to put on, always comfortable, and extremely functional.