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Back Flex

Maximum support for moderate or severe pain
Fast and easy pain relief with targeted, vectored compression and a large flexible lumbar panel Learn more

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The Back Flex's design provides vectored compression to the lower back region. The cinching system draws the tall lumbar panel forward into the spine, relieving the tension on the supporting muscles and ligaments. The Back Flex includes rigid front panels for greater posture control and pain relief than the Vector Back Brace provides. Vented side panels, hypoallergenic materials, and flexible front and back panels allow the brace to be comfortably worn for hours of pain-relief at a time. Two hot / cold therapeutic gel pads are included with the brace and fit into a pocket in the lumbar panel. Place the gel pad in the microwave for soothing heat, or in the freezer for pain-relieving cold.

Use the Back Flex to recover from a variety of causes of low back pain such as a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, lumbago, lumbar and lumbosacral strains. The vectored, targeted compression relieves the tension put on the spine supporting muscles and ligaments. The Back Flex's lumbar panel has a pocket for a hot / cold therapeutic gel pad. Two of these hot / cold gel pads are included with the brace and can be placed in the microwave for soothing heat, or in the freezer for pain-relieving cold. The Back Flex is a great option for those looking for posture control and a higher level of low back pain relief.

The Back Flex can be worn to improve posture and prevent back problems. Use the dual pulley-system to draw the lumbar panel forward into your low-back region. The brace will help you stand and sit more upright and take the tension off the lumbar muscles and ligaments.

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Reviews for Back Flex

  1. Roberta10/30/16



  2. Jo7/30/15


    I broke my L1 vertebrae and my doctor put me in the back jack plus for 6 months. It kept me from having surgery and I have used it for occasional lower back pain ever since. It is very comfortable and easy to wear, particularly on long road trips.

  3. Jenni3/28/15


    My pain specialist recommended this years ago. I could not afford it and surprisingly he was able to write a prescription and the insurance helped with a portion. In the long run it is worth every penny!! I firmly believe there are days moving would be impossible without this brace. I have tried COUNTLESS others and will never stray from the BackJack!!!

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