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AFTR™ DC (dorsal closure) Ankle Brace - Post Surgery

The AFTR DC is perfect for managing swelling and providing light stabilization after most foot and ankle surgeries. Learn more

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Foot and ankle surgeries can create a surprising amount of swelling which can prolong post-surgical pain and slow the recovery process and the return to full activity. The AFTR DC provides compression to the foot and ankle and light stabilization to gently push swelling out of the area and support you during the critical healing phase after surgery. The AFTR DC is adjustable so that as swelling goes down, you can continue to set the optimal level of compression. Most of the brace is trimmable so you adjust the length on the foot and the height above the ankle.

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Reviews for AFTR™ DC (dorsal closure) Ankle Brace - Post Surgery

  1. Michelle P6/19/17


    I'm on my third AFTR DC. First, two allowed me to continue competitive sand Volleyball with a very damaged ankle from years of severe spraining. Now, 5 months post ankle reconstruction (tendon, ligament and bone microfracture) my 3rd (nice new clean) AFTR brace was the only thing I wore post plaster caster/boot. Yesterday, only 4 1/2 months post surgery I played a full day sand tourney in the brace. I had not a single worry it would support my new and improved ankle. I'm lucky to have found this brace! Recommended for ANYONE with chronic instability or after injury recovery. It IS a little too bulky for most shoes, causing them to be a bit too snug but that didn't bother me since I use it for flip flops and barefoot athletics. Faithful customer here!

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