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AFTR™ DC (dorsal closure) Ankle Brace for Sprains

The AFTR DC™ (dorsal closure) is a perfect choice for immediately after an ankle sprain and for protection after returning to light or moderate activity. Learn more

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Swelling after a moderate or severe ankle sprain can be substantial and painful. That swelling also lengthens recovery time by limiting movement in the joint. The AFTR DC is an excellent choice for the treatment of acute ankle sprains and the sooner you can get it on after an injury the better. The compression will gently push swelling out from around the ankle which will decrease pain, improve mobility, and increase the speed of your recovery. As swelling goes down, you can adjust the level of compression to keep it at the optimal level for comfort and continued swelling control and support. The compression, in combination with the stirrup straps, will also provide stability to the ankle to limit painful movements and protect damaged ligaments as they go through the critical healing process. The material used in the AFTR DC is soft and thin so it is comfortable to wear and fits easily into almost any shoe. It also is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin to keep your skin healthy and comfortable.

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Reviews for AFTR™ DC (dorsal closure) Ankle Brace for Sprains

  1. BandWoman6/26/17


    I have worn BioSkin AFTR DC braces for almost 2 years. As a teacher and Band Director the braces gives the ease of putting it on at a moments notice, flexibility but with great support, easy to clean and transport, fits into any style shoe - I mainly wear athletic shoes or slip on dress shoes. I can not wear the traditional ASO brace because of the lacing up the front. BioSkin provides me with an alternative to the traditional ASO and is basically something you can buy off the shelf. I have purchased several AFTR DC braces and will continue to use them long into the future.

  2. Michelle P6/26/17


    I'm on my third AFTR DC. First, two allowed me to continue competitive sand Volleyball with a very damaged ankle from years of severe spraining. Now, 5 months post ankle reconstruction (tendon, ligament and bone microfracture) my 3rd (nice new clean) AFTR brace was the only thing I wore post plaster caster/boot. Yesterday, only 4 1/2 months post surgery I played a full day sand tourney in the brace. I had not a single worry it would support my new and improved ankle. I'm lucky to have found this brace! Recommended for ANYONE with chronic instability or after injury recovery. It IS a little too bulky for most shoes, causing them to be a bit too snug but that didn't bother me since I use it for flip flops and barefoot athletics. Faithful customer here!

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