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AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD
AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD

AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD

The AFTR™ Ankle Brace provides high-level compression to reduce inflammation and pain associated with mild PTTD. Learn more

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The AFTR™ Ankle Brace delivers high-level compression to prevent swelling and to support sore, inflamed arches. The AFTR is made of lightweight, breathable material that conforms to the foot and will fit inside almost any shoe. The AFTR may be worn with the included stirrup straps for extra stability to the ankle joint, or without for simple compression.

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Reviews for AFTR™ Ankle Brace for PTTD

  1. Melissa1/15/18


    How I use it: I have extremely flat, pronating feet to the point that I need to have custom insoles, and a brace for all waking moments until I am able to have reconstructive surgery. I have been wearing this brace for a little over 4 months, and will need to continue to wear it for another 6 months.
    *I am a size 10.5 shoe and ordered a XS/SM.
    Its comfortable and supportive. The compression feels good. The stirrup strap does a nice job of keeping my ankle from rolling too much. Personally, its not super comfortable to walk around in without shoes, but with tennis shoes its great. I live in MI and this brace fits well in tennis shoes and decently in boots. (I haven't tried any other shoes, so I cannot speak to that.)
    The loops for the stirrup straps are very useful.
    My biggest complaint is the rough side of the velcro- there is no easy way to clean the fuzz and hairs that get stuck in it. The velcro from the compression part rubs at my shoe. Within three days of having my brand new tennis shoes, a hole was already worn there. I have tried wrapping it at different angles, moving the strap of the stirrup, but nothing helped.
    The right angles at the top of the stirrup straps keep getting bumped around by my pants when I move and then they pop off and I have to stop and readjust. My job requires me to move around alot, so this is inconvenient and annoying. I have been rolling the top of my sock over it to help, but I don't want my socks to get stretched out. Maybe if the company wants to consider some kind of elastic/neoprene sleeve for around the top of the brace? (but one piece- no velcro/closure)

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