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TriLok™ Ankle Brace for Sprains

The TriLok is the best brace for the prevention of ankle sprains and to protect weakened ankles after returning to moderate to heavy activity. The TriLok is fast to apply, comfortable, and easily fits into most shoes.
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The TriLok supports ankles like no other brace can. The patented FootLok strap acts an external ligament, using leverage to protect the weak or vulnerable ligaments around your ankle. The FootLok wraps around your midfoot and then attaches to the outside of your ankle. You can adjust the level of support by pulling up harder on the FootLok strap. The TriLok also inlcudes stirrup straps to increase the stability even further. The TriLok is thin and fit easily into most shoes. The material is soft. breathable and hypo-allergenic so it's easy on your skin. The under-sleeve of the TriLok is made of compressive elastic materials so it helps with swelling from prior injuries and improves proprioception so it decreases the chances or re-injury. Watch the video here to see how the TriLok's anatomically-inspired design delivers the best ankle protection available. Patent Number: 9,364,363 B2
Features and Benefits
  • Compressive base sleeve improves proprioception
  • Easily fits into most shoes
  • Allows normal range of motion

Left Foot Application

Left Foot - Lateral Application
Left Foot - Medial Application
Left Foot - Achilles Application

Right Foot Application

Right Foot - Lateral Application
Right Foot - Medial Application
Right Foot - Achilles Application
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