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Immediate relief from chronic knee pain.
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The Ten-7 is the first knee brace that doesn't go on your knee! It provides immediate relief from various types of chronic knee pain including osteoarthritis, patellofemoral problems, and the long-term effects of traumatic injury without surgery or drugs. It provides high-level, targeted compression to the anatomical structures that control and support knee while being worn comfortably and discretely on your thigh. Try a Ten-7, risk free before more invasive and expensive treatments.
Injuries Treated
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Maltracking Patella
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patella Tracking Disorders
  • Patellofemoral Knee Pain
  • Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis

44Reviews For Ten-7™

  1. Rating


    I'm awaiting total knee replacement on my left knee and right knee. I started wearing the braces as soon as I got them in the mail. I noticed an instant difference in my right knee. I wasn't feeling the bone on bone any longer and the pain was gone. It was unbelievable. Im so happy and amazed and have already told several friends, doctors and my surgeon. Thank you!

  2. Rating


    Purchased to stop extreme referral pain at knee cap coming from hip which is being replaced shortly. Excellent relief. Can not judge stabilizing of knee, since I am currently very inactive.

  3. Rating


    Used your slip on Q brace for a bad knee that has been replaced and really like it, the Ten-7 is helping the other leg with lateral thigh pain and the beginning of knee pain on same side. I refer your braces to my patients.

  4. Rating


    Product was well made, but would not stay in place. I am returning the item.

  5. Rating


    It does seem, at least at times, to help and I am glad to have it to try. That said, I think there are probably many types of knee damage and strain that cannot be made better by something like the Ten-7. Good to try! But expectations should be managed and realistic. Sizing can be a little tricky so take care with measurements. Tight seems to be the best for the therapeutic effect but that can also cause the brace to slip down the leg. Less tight seems to solve some of the slipping but also seems to have less effect. If the brace slips too much it can rub on the back of the knee and potentially irritate tendons, etc. The Ten-7 has helped as much as any brace, but it can only help so much.

  6. Rating


    I suffer from osteoarthritis on both knees. No meniscus.. bone on bone. Right one being the most painful. Ordered this Ten-7 in sort of desperation because lateral knee displacement was interfering with my cycling. I went for one 30 mile ride with 8% grades as a test and then on a 50 mile flat. What a difference.... obviously not a cure, but it certainly alleviates the pain immediately. I can certainly feel the difference. Advice: Do not wear over the Lycra.... it will slide down and need constantly re positioning. If you have thick thighs. it does rub in the upper area, which I resolved by folding the edge.

  7. Rating


    The fit is good, the only problem I had was keeping it from riding down. I solved this by reaching around behind my leg and giving it an extra tug to pull it up above my feminine upper thigh. It does seem to change where the work is done with regard to my thigh muscles.

  8. Rating


    Years of pain and failed surgeries is what I've had to go through. The Ten-7 does what PT, ice, and pain meds have not been able to do, give me immediate and lasting pain relief

  9. Rating


    The Ten-7 knee brace has surpassed my expectations 10-fold and beyond! I work as a bicycle-safety instructor and enjoy bike riding and many other forms of outdoor adventure. Due to overuse while preparing for a cross-country bicycle tour, I began experiencing severe knee pain. When rest, ice, yoga, rehab exercises and other attempts to alleviate my pain failed, I came across the Ten-7 knee brace while browsing online. The reviews were promising so I decided to give the product a try. Just as I was most fearful I would be forced to quit my job due to the pain, the brace arrived and provided me with immediate relief. I am back to enjoying leading youth bike rides across the city of Milwaukee due to the promise that the Ten-7 really works! Thank you so much, BioSkin!

  10. Rating


    I love the Ten-7. It's made playing tennis painless again, and I have recommended it to many friends. It's a magical brace that gives aching knees new life!

  11. Rating

    André from Canada5/23/16

    This is the third brace I bought for my meniscus pain (both). The pain has just gone since first time I used it.
    I thought I would not be able to run anymore. Thanks this brace I can go on, with no pain, no meds.
    The only one inconvenient is that it can't be shipped to Canada. I had to order and ask a friend who lives in USA to ship it to me (paid shipping twice). A product like this can be shipped easily anywhere around the planet.

  12. Rating


    I spend a LOT of time disc golfing, that's roughly 12 hours a week of walking and pivoting on my left foot. My knee pain was starting to hold me back so i had to find a solution. I found a fellow disc golfers blog post from your site and it convinced me to give it a try. Amazing results instantly! I went a whole weekend including a tournament without any knee pain! This thing makes me really confident for the upcoming disc gold season here :)

  13. Rating


    I returned the sleeve yesterday. I tried for three days thinking that it might take that long to get use to it. In those three days I didn't feel any relief from my knee pain. I also experienced some swelling in the ankles. I discussed this sleeve with my PT and she said that it does not always work for some patients.

  14. Rating


    I love the concept and can totally see that this brace would work. I am a skier and was looking for using the brace for both legs to train harder and longer. HOWEVER, I had to send them back as I am 5' 3' and my leg was not long enough. So I am giving them a 4 star instead of 5 as it's a great product and hope one day BioSkin makes a shorter version.

  15. Rating



  16. Rating


    It is a little shocking that this type of sleeve / brace can relieve pain in the knee. But, I am now a believer. I am a catcher who has had ACL, PCL, and MCL surgery on my left knee. I recently wore this brace and caught 5 games in 5 days with very little to no discomfort in the knee.

  17. Rating


    I was skeptical at first, but after using the Ten-7 for a week I'm a believer! I stay on my knees longer than I have been able to in years and start doing again a lot of things that I enjoy doing. I have already recommended the Ten-7 to a number of my friends.

  18. Rating

    Emma Harris9/7/15

    I have only had the Ten-7 for one day and so am not rating its performance yet - I will do that in a few weeks. However, I wanted to compliment this company for the best customer service I have ever received. There was a small problem with my order (a mix up on both parts) but it was fixed straight away and I am completely satisfied. I buy a lot of things on the internet (I live in Australia) and this is the best service I have ever received. Courteous and efficient. Thank you.

  19. Rating


    I have been suffering from petellofemoral knee pain since running a marathon this past January. I've been resting, icing and even going to physical therapy for it ever since. I found BioSkin after doing a search for braces to support petellofemoral pain syndrome. Upon reviewing the products, I chose to try out the Ten-7, thinking it might be a better solution than a bulkier knee brace. After trying to run in it, I found that it did not take away my knee pain. However- when I did my prescribed leg exercises, I DID notice that it had taken away most if not all the pain associated with that. As far as comfort goes, I found there was something in the design that was rubbing the back bottom of my leg, which became really irritating. If I was able to run using this product, that would have been really bothersome. I also felt like my upper leg was shorter than what this product was designed for, and I was only able to get the brace about an inch above my knee- and that's if I really pulled it high. I'm rating this 3 out of 5 because while it didn't work for me, it may be able to work better for someone with a different condition and/or physiology.

  20. Rating

    Alan Lott5/16/15

    I purchased the Ten-7 about six months ago and returned it after a month receiving a full refund and excellent customer service. My main problems included it sliding despite shaving my leg and lotion(sizing was correct) Also, I had trouble getting the correct tightness, cause too tight hurt, plus sometimes I didn't get it aligned correctly every time. I used it road cycling and it often prevented pain when on properly but after several weeks I found it was really masking the pain case it came back. I have osteoarthritis on the medial side of my knee and yrs ago my Ortho Dr. said the MRI showed such severe arthritis that he didn't recommend I cycle. So I tried laser therapy 2x a week for 3 months with a laser costing over $10,000 and my pain greatly subsided from an 8 to a 2!!! Then after 6 yrs it came back.

  21. Rating

    Mark Jaynes1/27/15

    The Ten-7 works wonderfully. I've tried all kinds of brands, and have had knee pain for decades. However, the plastic tongue shape that presses against the thigh created friction blisters on my skin and I'm trying to figure out how to prevent that. I'm trying different shielding products that I can apply to my skin on that spot to mitigate the chafing. Perhaps because I wear the brace for 14 hours is the reason for this problem. Otherwise, besides this problem, the brace is the best.

  22. Rating

    Jaci B11/11/14

    I participate in several sports that require me to run - a lot. I play soccer, and in track I sprint and jump. I have always shielded away from running long distance because it hurt my knee to do so. This became a problem when I decided to run cross country this past fall. But when I got the Ten-7, I was so surprised at how beautifully it works! My first run on the brace, I was just waiting for my knee to start hurting, but it never did! I ran my whole cross country season on the brace and didn't feel any pain the entire time. The brace helped me become a better runner because I didn't have to focus my time and effort on my knee. Instead, I could focus on competing and training better. Give the Ten-7 a try, because it could change your life!

  23. Rating


    Upon putting the brace on, the pain in my right knee was gone. My leg felt lighter and I could move with no pain. The real test was carrying some boxes up 20 stair steps. I reached the top of the stairs without struggling and without pain. Occasionally I will leave for work, forgetting to put the brace on, but I'm reminded of the missing brace as soon as I reach my car. I kick myself for not wearing it and I have lasting knee pain by evening. That doesn't happen when I wear the Ten-7 brace. It is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. I was a little suspicious when I saw that it fit above the knee & not over the knee itself to give support. I'm a believer now. Try it! I'm sure you will be surprised at how quickly your pain goes away or significantly diminishes.

  24. Rating


    I just got my Ten-7 in the mail and I was so excited to take it for a short run. I am beside myself at how awesome it is. I can run again with out the nagging pain in my knee. I ruptured my meniscus back in college and think that I'm going through early stages of arthritis, but hated the hot thick brace my physical therapist gave me. Why didn't I know of Bio Skin years ago. THANK YOU!

  25. Rating

    Stuart Rider7/11/14

    I received a bi-lateral knee replacement coming up on five years ago and even though it was a real life changer for me, I still felt hesitant to get back into my favorite sport, tennis. Then I discovered Pickleball and all caution was thrown to the wind. Even though the game was developed by orthopedic surgeons for all their aging tennis players, I quickly found injury was still a factor. Then I met a seasoned Pickleballer, and he told me about the Ten-7. I still can't figure out how they work but, to be honest, I don't really care. I went from being able to play twice a week at the most, to playing every day and twice on Sundays! I know this should be brief, but I will say one last thing, when my legs used to get fatigued I would feel like I was hauling them along. Plant the front foot and pull the back leg forward. With the Ten-7 the knee continues to initiate the walking motion so even when my legs are shot, I don't start to compensate by changing my stride. This is truly remarkable technology!

  26. Rating

    Noelle Lovoi7/2/14

    While training for last marathon, I started suffering with knee pain. I barely finished my marathon, hobbling along to the finish. I've been running with the Ten-7 for about a month now and I no longer suffer knee pain during or after my run. I really like that it's light weight, made with quality material and comfortable. There is no uncomfortable bunching behind the knee since the brace is worn above the knee. I'm looking forward to my next round of marathon training pain free with my Ten-7!

  27. Rating

    Andrew Lowe5/17/14

    I play basketball as often as I can and always had knee pain (tendonitis) but now I have none at all and I don't have to hold back out second guess any of the cutting or jumping that I do while playing. By far the best brace I've ever worn.

  28. Rating


    After 5 days of wear, without the Ten-7 knee discomfort returned shortly after I began usual daily activities. My normal walking feels “springier”, less painful. Knee pain is still evident when I twist my trunk or lift objects. My bilateral knee joint pain is diminished but not eliminated. Decreased from 4 to 2.
    I best like the trouble free nature of the devices after they are placed and the seeming decrease in pain. I least like leg ankle edema and nocturnal groin muscle cramping after wearing the device all day.
    I intend to wear this device regularly for it’s pain reducing effect at least in the near term.

  29. Rating


    What a God send. When wearing it I feel so much more support around my knee. At first I didn't feel as much pain, then after a few days of wearing my Ten7 I didnt have any pain at all. What a blessing. Thank you.

  30. Rating


    After wearing the Ten-7 for five days. I have noticed that the pain in my knee was greatly reduced, the pain was about ½. I went without wearing it for 1 day and I was in considerable more pain on the day I went without the brace. On the seventh day I was wearing it but I did allot standing the pain got up to about a 5 which would have been about a 9 without the brace. So it has made a considerable difference to me! I would definitely recommend the brace. My only concern is how to keep it in place, which I added a little lotion and it held to my leg better. Thanks.

  31. Rating


    I haven't moved this smoothly in quite awhile. There's a real sense of support and balance when using the sleeve. It's quite interesting, I'm not feeling any pain in my lower knee. Your Ten-7 is absolutely remarkable!

  32. Rating


    When I wear my Ten-7 for a few hours, my knee won’t bother me for a couple of days afterwards. I can walk normally.
    My function has completely changed. I can do ‘normal’ activity. For example: I couldn't walk more than ½ a block prior to wearing the device. I've been using it for approximately 2 months. My grandkids and I walked about 4 blocks last weekend without any pain or problems at all.
    I also wore it when I was moving my apartment. It took us over 6 hours. I was able to do all the walking back and forth with no pain at all. I would have never considered doing that prior to wearing the device.
    Now I regularly am able to use a mini-trampoline to exercise with no pain at all.
    I’ve noticed that after four or five days if I don’t wear it, my knee hurts, especially when I stand up.
    I am very pleased. I’m excited about being able to do ‘normal’ things again.

  33. Rating


    After wearing the Ten-7 braces over the last month, the pain has not been as bad, I have been able to stand for a longer period of time with less noticeable pressure on my knees. The braces have helped in walking, standing, for a longer period of time. The bioskin braces are a great product, I would recommend them to anyone. I would also suggest they be tried before ever considering knee surgery.

  34. Rating


    I started using the Ten-7 about a month ago and I am amazed at the results. My knee would be painful when walking stairs, hiking and playing sports such as pickleball. My left knee pain has been reduced significantly. So much that I rarely get any pain even when engaged in a fast paced game of pickleball. I’m now wearing the Ten-7 on both legs and going on hikes with my wife, which I was unable to do for several years. I’m very happy with the results and so is my wife.

  35. Rating


    As an amputee, I instantly improved my quality and ability for walking faster and more smoothly. The Ten-7 improved my stair climbing as well as giving more perceived energy. I felt my leg spring forward to the next step. I'm thoroughly happy with the comfort and performance.

  36. Rating


    I have noticed less pain in my knee and more stability. I can be on my knee much longer than before and have a better capability of moving around and feel much more confident. Taking the Ten-7 off for a day I didn't notice any significant change but did feel a lot better with it on. For me the only nuisance I think is that it has a tendency to slide down and has to be periodically adjusted. It may just be the size of my thigh though.
    My overall feeling is that I really like the brace. I do tend to feel more confident when wearing it and it has lessened the pain from everyday walking.

  37. Rating


    It is helping an amazing amount!

  38. Rating


    I’ve had much less pain at night in general. Leg felt supported. I like the results of using the Ten-7. If I refrain from too much kneeling, squats, I am quite comfortable. I like the feeling of stability when wearing it. I would prefer a skin color device, but it is not really important. I wil wear it regularly as long as it offers support and decrease in pain.

  39. Rating


    I had a torn meniscus and sprained MCL in addition to patellar maltracking. I used the Bioskin Gladiator (prescribed by my physician) to get back on my knee again and it was amazing! However to start running long distances again (training for a half-marathon currently) the Gladiator was too tight when my calf muscle would swell due to activity.

    I tried the Ten-7 hoping to relieve the calf-swelling tightness, however I discovered that in order to make the Ten-7 effective, it has to be relatively tight. This resulted in serious discomfort when my thigh muscles would swell with activity and was not suitable for running for me at least. My thigh was sore for about 1 week after use.

    I love Bioskin and the Gladiator enabled me to walk again after my knee injury, but for me, I apparently can't handle the tightness of braces when I run and my muscles swell, so the Ten-7 was a no-go for me.

    They are true to their word with the money-back guarantee, and I appreciate the customer service.

  40. Rating


    I would like to start off by saying Thank you, I am uncertain though if that would express my feelings adequately.

    Since using your brace my level of pain has been dramatically reduced, I am able to function in a way that I have been unable to achieve in a very long time. I have been able to do my work shift without the use of pain pills.

    I am able to go shopping, walk the dog, clean my kitchen, something most people take for granted I can now do without pain and discomfort. I am rediscovering how my life once was before the knee injury.

    I look forward to discovering what else I will be able to do in the coming weeks and months. It is an amazing gift that has been giving to me and I am enjoying discovering each new thing I am able to do. I am even enjoying the aches and pains from muscles that haven’t’ been used in a long time. I would like to commend you on your design it has worked wonders for me.

    With sincere gratitude,

  41. Rating


    I've been using BioSkin for my knee pain for two months now and I have no knee pain when I’m wearing the Ten7.
    The best results for me have been climbing stairs and going up and down ladders. Most recently I have tried bicycling again which in the past has been very painful. Now I enjoy bicycle rides with my wife. Thanks again

  42. Rating


    I have realized in the last two weeks that I am not having the hip pain that I once did. Since I had x-rays, etc., on that hip I knew that it was not injured or diseased but was probably giving me trouble because of the misalignment of the knee. I haven’t had pain in the hip since the second or third week of wearing the Ten-7 brace but just realized that. It continues to help with the pain in my knee as well.

  43. Rating


    The brace is doing its job. I can do stairs better and walking is great. I only wish it that my knee would heal as fast as this brace has brought me results. Thanks

  44. Rating


    Thank you for the Ten-7 device. I couldn't believe how immediate and real the pain relief was when I put the product on for the first time. I have arthritis in my knee and often wake up in the morning and it just hurts to get out of bed and walk around. This product is really helping me with that.

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