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CalfSkin™ Calf Sleeves - Pair

Designed to enhance recovery and boost performance Learn more

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Calf Skins are designed to enhance recovery and boost performance. BioSkin's material is hypoallergenic, thin, breathable, and strong. Its unique SkinLok feature activates with sweat or moisture so it stays in place, even during vigorous activity or long distance races. Use the medical-grade compression provided by the Calf Skin to boost recovery during injury or after hard workouts so you can return to activity faster and fresher.

Use the Calf Skin to recover faster from injury or hard workouts. BioSkin's Calf Skins provide medical-grade compression to ease the pain from calf strains and shin splints. The compression increases circulation in your legs so nutrient-rich blood flows through the injured area and post-workout substances can be flushed out more efficiently. This will boost recovery and leave your legs feeling fresher, faster.

Prevent shin splints and calf injuries with the Calf Skin. Science has shown compression provides many benefits to your muscles. It enhances recovery, boosts performance, and improves proprioceptive feedback to the brain. These benefits work together to protect your calf muscles from being overworked during exercise, the main cause of injury.

Wear the Calf Skins to boost performance during your next activity. Compression increases circulation so more oxygen-rich blood is delivered to your working muscles. Compression also enhances recovery which in turn boosts performance by allowing you to return to activity with fresher legs. Another known benefit of compression is increased proprioception, or positive sensorimotor feedback to the brain. This helps to improve confidence and coordination of your movements, so you can work your muscles quicker and more efficiently.

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Recent Reviews for CalfSkin™ Calf Sleeves - Pair

  1. Rod6/20/17


    I use them as compressions hose when I play tennis. They really work well.

  2. Peony6/14/17


    I have weak leg calves and my muscle tone has weakened. This product is excellent in giving additional support and strengthens the calf areas of both legs. An excellent price and the product far surpasses my expectations. The fact that the fabric DOES NOT cause irritation is a great factor also. My muscle tone has changed and the sleeve compression is excellent in supporting and strengthening my legs. With the compression it helps my ambulation and I don't need walking aids.

  3. CS6/4/17


    Works wonders for compression syndrome in my calves when I run! Thank you, this is my second pair!

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