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Patella Stabilizer - Open Patella

The Bio Skin Patella Stabilizer is a great option for treating anterior knee pain, joint swelling and osteoarthritis. This brace gives excellent compression for edema control.
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The Bio Skin Patella Stabilizer is an excellent choice to treat anterior knee pain and other knee problems. Constructed from Bio Skin’s patented, breathable materials, the patella stabilizer gives excellent compression to control swelling and decrease pain in the knee. The donut shaped buttresses stabilize the patella and help keep swelling away from the knee joint. The brace is comfortable to wear and stays in place even during vigorous activity.
Features and Benefits
  • Foam ring around the knee to stabilize the patella
  • Unique strapping system minimizes migration
  • Available in open or closed patella
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free
  • Choice of materials: Ultima™, Ultima 2S™, or Stratus™
Injuries Treated
  • Knee Joint Swelling
  • Knee Sprains and Strains
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patella Stabilization
  • Patellar Tendonitis

14Reviews For Patella Stabilizer - Open Patella

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    This is my second open patella stabilizer from Bioskin. The first lasted for over 20 years. The new one feels great and is used three times per week to assist my exercise program for management of systemic arthritis. Thank you for such a well engineered and functional apparatus.

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    The Patella Stabilizer/Open Patella heals my meniscus tears every time after wearing it about two to four weeks. I am 61 years old, and I have elected not to have knee surgery. The Patella Stabilizer/Open Patella has been working for me since 2004 without any knee surgery.

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    Excellent product! Comfortable, stays in place, and if activity is very vigorous, simply wetting the thigh as they suggested gives a more secure hold. Very easy to clean & durable - just run through gentle wash cycle, using very little detergent, or hand wash. Worth every penny! Sadly, with all the exercise I'm doing now, I'm losing so much weight, that I might need to order the smaller size in a few months.

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    E Ashby4/16/16

    For months I had a severe allergic reaction to the "Sports Authority" brace. It was from the byproducts found in neoprene. i switched to Bioskin and have not had a problem since. My only problem is that on this particular model there are no loops to pull on. That would be great addition.

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    Hickory 1/25/16

    Great product. Only wish is that Bioskin would work with high schools to help out young athletes

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    It works very nicely. I would like to see a opening behind the knee so the material wouldn't bunch up. There is a lot of bulk that makes it uncomfortable when the knee is bent.

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    I have worn this for about 10 days. It took 3 days to adjust to this type (old one was exterior metal-hinged type). It it light, breaths well and stays put. I have mod/severe osteoarthritis and have to wait another year for surgery. So far, no new issues with stability, increase pain or swelling.

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    Bought this for our daughter who plays college lacrosse in Florida. Best brace there is and we have tried SEVERAL. It's thin so there is no bunching. It stays cool in the heat, which means no slipping. Good compression means next to no swelling. The gel pad is a definite bonus as it protects her knee from hard shots. This is her 2nd one in 3 years, the first one is still going strong, just wanted a second one.

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    Great knee brace!

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    I will need a knee replacement at some point and this brace lessens the pain and swelling in the knee. Gives great support and actually helped make my bakers cyst subside (I had the cyst for 9 months) you can wear this all day with no problem.

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    Aimee 6/16/14

    I recently fell and was told by my Dr. to get a brace. I was referred to you by my chiropractor. I ordered the Patella stabilizer knee brace and I love it. I am 36 single mother of three active kids and I am an aquatic director at a YMCA so am pretty active myself. Bio Skin is light weight, and easy to put on. I wear it when I work out and any major activity. It is much more comfortable than anything you could get at a local store. I do wear mine in the pool when I teach aerobics, but I always rinse it as soon as I am done.
    I found that their sizes are pretty true to measurements. I got an extra Large, but I think I would have been fine with a large. The sizes overlap a bit.
    I will definitely buy from them again.

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    J. Lee Stickney5/17/14

    Soon I will be ordering my fourth pair of Bio Skin Patella Stabilizer Knee Braces (over 15 years)! Yes, I need one for each knee. I use the braces when I go hiking or otherwise require very strong patellar support (for example, when I went on a walking tour in Europe). They are easy to put on and take off, and they are hand washable. I wore out my first pair after moving to a different state. My new doctor prescribed a different kind of stabilizer--heavier, harder to get on and off, more cumbersome. And I'm not sure that it offered as much support. It took me a while, but I finally sourced a new pair of Bio Skins, and have never looked back! I think that there is now a larger selection of sizes to choose from since my last order. I suspect that the fit will be even better. Thank you Bio Skin, for making it possible for me to continue my enjoyment of accessing difficult-to-reach photo ops, and a wider range hiking trails!!! Lee (for the record, 72 yr old female)

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    Richard Plemon7/17/13

    This brace works so good I am ordering another brace, just like the one my doctor gave me.I have tried others put they do not work as well as this one.It really works for me.

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