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Tara's Trail Run: Calf Skin Review / Bio Skin Blog

Tara's Trail Run: Calf Skin Review

blog_story_image_taras-trail-runRunning usually doesn't make an appearance in my workout regimen, if you could call it that. I ski, hike, and participate in a variety of activities to keep myself active and in shape.

I received Bio Skin Calf Skins a month ago, therefore I began trail running. Never having used any sort of compression sleeves or socks, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Running with compression takes a little getting used to, but after a few minutes on the trail, I hardly notice the Calf Skins. They're comfortable, supportive, and stay in place. I've also noticed much less stiffness and soreness in my calves and shins during my recovery time due to using Calf Skin Sleeves.

I absolutely recommend the Bio Skin Calf Skins to runners and hikers who may suffer from shin splints or are just looking for some extra lower leg support out on the trail. The thin material allows breathability and comfort even during rigorous activity.