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Sponsored Athlete: Stacey / Bio Skin Blog

Sponsored Athlete: Stacey

chuck12Athlete: Stacey
Event: Charles Street 12
State: Maryland
Product: Ten-7 & Calf Skins
Personal Blog: runtobefree10.wordpress.com

What makes you inspirational?
I'm a single mother who went from couch potato to half fanatic in less than a year!! I have inspired my father and sister to become runners (both of which have done 5K's recently with me). I’ve also turned myStacey2 non-running boyfriend into a half marathoner and my son into an active little boy.

In addition, I've created a running group in my workplace; just by wearing race t-shirts every Friday. This group is running an all-girls OCR (Obstacle Course Race) in July with me! I want to help people live happy and healthy lives through physical activity!


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