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Sponsored Athlete: Debi L. / Bio Skin Blog

Sponsored Athlete: Debi L.

Athlete: Debi L.754172-1057-0018s
Event: Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon
State: Florida
Product: Ten-7
Personal Blog: http://14-in-2014.com/
What makes you inspirational?
On 8/28/12 I was in a near-fatal car accident. Before that I was an active half marathoner. As a result of my injuries which consisted of an open book pelvic fracture, a crushed knee, the same knee was also fractured on the side, fractured sacrum, fractured tailbone, fractured nose, and fractured eye orbit. I was told I would never run again and that I might begin walking again in the spring of 2013. Despite that news, I walked a full 5K in February, and ran/walked a half marathon on 10/27/13. So far in 2014, I have completed NINE half marathons, with a goal of participating in 14 in 2014!! I'm also scheduled to do my first full marathon in January of 2015.

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  • Debi Lantzer

    I'm doing the Nasvhille, TN Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon, and not the St. Peterburg even since it was cancelled.

  • http://www.shurkyjurky.com/ Shurky Jurky

    Amazing dedication to your recovery! What an inspirational story!!

  • Debi-14-in-2014

    Thank you so much! God is good, and I know it was His grace that carried me through all 14 half marathons in 2014!