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SoCal Cycling League Finals / Bio Skin Blog

SoCal Cycling League Finals

blog_story_image_socal-cyclingBio Skin sponsored mountain biking athlete Ellis Cobb fills us in on her SoCal High School Cycling League Finals.

“Mountain biking is a sport for crazy people, and we all know it.  Every other ride or so, I ask myself, “Why am I out here? Why do I chose to inflict pain on myself when most other kids lay around, watch Netflix, and sleep in on Saturday mornings?” And at the end of each practice, I remember how much I love riding: the wind in my face, the sunsets, even the physical challenge mountain biking presents has me addicted to the sport. Most importantly though, the part that brings me back each day is the people.

I remember observing a high school race for the first time as an eighth grader when my older brother was racing. I admired how close the members of the team were, the community that had built itself around high school mountain biking. I noticed that this “community” was more than just the student athletes; it included the parents and coaches of my team as well as the parents, coaches, and riders of other teams. All of that holds true for this year as well. I suppose “community” doesn't quite accurately describe our team; “family” is more like it. There are two other girls on Crescenta Valley’s cycling team who might as well be my sisters. I’ve shared my extra sets of compression sleeves that Bio Skin so generously gave me with these gal pals.

Beyond our own team, we chat with other competitors, calming each other’s nerves and rallying each other up at the start line. Even as we compete against one another, we encourage each other and work together to finish the race. The spectators, too, encourage us with great energy. Composed of other riders, coaches, and parents, most of them - especially the parents - cheer every racer. One of my favorite parts of the race this past weekend was Marine Corps Hill - a formidable obstacle for our best riders. I can’t ride it to the top. My older brother, my role model and guiding star, had difficulties making it in previous years. This past Sunday, I got as far as I could up the hill and ran the rest, but I was joyfully encouraged by the crowd’s rising cheers the farther up the hill I rode, and then their release of shared disappointment, “Awwww!” when I had to unclip and run the rest of the way. As I ran my bike to the summit I heard, “You almost had it! Great try! Keep it up!”

Furthermore, within this “family” of cyclists, is my own family. They have been thoroughly supportive of me every step of the way. Hugs at the start and finish, my parents never fail to remind me why I love to ride, and constantly encourage me to pursue my passions, and race my own race; live my own life.”