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Arizona Trail Runner & Compression Calf Sleeves / Bio Skin Blog

Arizona Trail Runner & Compression Calf Sleeves


Bio Skin makes performance, preventative and post-injury bracing. They recently sent me a pair of compression calf sleeves to try. As a mid-foot trail runner, I struggle with calf issues due to the wear and tear they take from the rocky Arizona terrain, especially those climbs! While I’m not currently injured, I’ve had my fair share of plantar fasciitis and achilles issues because of my tight calves and running style.

In the past month, I’ve worn my calf sleeves for trail runs, as well as post-run recovery. Now, I’ve worn a well-known brand of compression socks before- but these are unlike any compression material I have ever seen. I expected a thinner sock-like material similar to other brands.

Instead, the material Bio Skin uses is more like a thin wet-suit fabric. It stays cool because sweat is able to evaporate off of it quicker, and the thicker fabric keeps it from sliding and bunching- which is never a good thing during long runs. Each pair of calf sleeves comes in a number of different sizes depending upon your calf diameter, so they can really dial-in the fit.

There’s a ton of research coming out about the benefits of compression, both for activity and recovery periods. When wearing these sleeves, my calves didn’t fatigue or feel sore as quickly as they usually do. Wearing them around the house in between two particularly challenging training runs helped alleviate some of my usual muscle soreness and tightness.

Personal experience is the best indicator of effectiveness when it comes to compression. For me, I’m definitely sold!

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