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Sponsored Athlete: Total Lizaster / Bio Skin Blog

Sponsored Athlete: Total Lizaster

blog_story_image_total-lizasterAthlete: Elizabeth "Total Lizaster"
Event: State Wars Roller Derby Tournament
State: North Carolina
Personal Site: https://twitter.com/Liz_i_iz
What makes you inspirational?
I was struggling with self-confidence and my health after my father passed away when I was at journalism school. I took on a project to do a short-form documentary on the sport of roller derby. I had no idea how life-changing that would be. Inspired by the dedication, strength and passion of all of the women I was filming - I decided to put derby on my bucket list.

When I moved to Charlotte, NC I strapped on skates for the first time in my life and attended a workshop. I was by far the worst skater there - I could barely stand up. Much less stop. Or turn. Or anything! But I kept going back, training and working my butt off. Within six months I passed my assessments and participated in my first scrimmage. The sport is completely addicting. It's an intense contact sport that requires skill, strategy and tons of motivation. You get knocked down and have to get back up again. This resonated with me in other aspects of my life. I trimmed down and am the fittest I have ever been. I feel stronger and more confident. I knew if I could do that - I could do anything.

I was able to push myself from not even being able to skate - to being the captain of a charter team and traveling to compete against teams from New Orleans, New Jersey, Florida... even Sweden! This year 50 skaters tried out to be part of team North Carolina to compete in the State Wars competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. I made the team! When I look back and see how far I have come I almost can't believe it, but it just encourages me to push harder and get better every time I take the track.