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Paleo Runner's Bio Skin Review / Bio Skin Blog

Paleo Runner's Bio Skin Review

blog_story_image_paleo-runnerMeet Michelle aka The Paleo Running Momma. Michelle is a mother of 3, marathoner, paleo enthusiast and blogger. She recently competed in the Philadelphia Marathon and gives us a recap on using the Standard Knee Skin during her recovery.

Bio Skin Review — Standard Knee Skin

Today I want to chat about 2 things – the tendonitis in my knee since the Philadelphia marathon and provide some information about how I dealt with it along with a review of the Bio Skin Standard Knee Skin.

A representative from Bio Skin contacted me right around the time of the marathon asking if I was interested in trying one of their products and becoming an ambassador. With the tendonitis still lingering in my knee, (patellar tendonitis) I jumped at the chance to try something a bit different than I had prior to the marathon. I had been using a patellar strap under my kneecap and was not loving the way it felt during runs, so after checking out the Bio Skin site I asked to try out the Bio Skin Standard Knee Skin, which provides lightweight support and compression to the knee.

Before I get into the review, let’s backtrack a bit. While my knee miraculously didn’t hurt during the marathon, (I was feeling pain the week leading up to the race) I was feeling it during the following week, mainly while walking down stairs or if I lunged back with my left leg. It was a mild pain, but nothing to take too lightly as I’ve learned! Even mild pain, or pain that you feel AFTER running, needs to be considered and managed to avoid creating real injury. I had iced and heated the area (at this point the heat was key) and rested for several days before running at all.

My first run post-marathon was a very easy 3 miles, and I started to feel a twinge in the knee towards the end. By the following week, I wasn’t feeling any pain while running, but, still noticed a “clicking” or popping-like sensation when bending it as in a one-legged squat or lunge. When I received the Bio Skin Standard Knee Skin, I figured I’d try it for my next run.

My Concerns:

Since I’m good at worrying, I’ll talk first about the concerns I had. First, I had tried a patellar strap and really didn’t like it although it was supposed to be the best thing for what I was dealing with. It had felt too tight to me and caused some cramping in my calf. So I was worried the brace would feel too compressive and uncomfortable.

My second concern was if it would fit easily under my running tights. A knee brace that cannot easily fit under tights would be no use for me in the winter, since I do nearly all my running outside.

My Reactions – The Good:

  • It easily fits under my medium-compressive winter running tights. No issues there at all. Since the material of the brace is so silky, it actually made my tights go on with more ease than usual.
  • My knee felt very supported during my run in a good way. Surprisingly good! My right knee was a little jealous of the compression the left side was getting, not joking. I even decided to change up my route during the run to include a decent hill because I felt really “light.” Good stuff there!
  • Since I wasn’t having a lot of pain prior to trying this, I can’t predict how it would be if I’d used it when the pain was worse. BUT I did not have even a tweak in my patellar tendon during the 3 runs I did with the brace. The level of compression was perfect for what I needed, and did not feel too tight.

A minor problem during the second run.

During my second run with the Standard Knee Skin, I did notice a small amount of chafing behind my knee. I believe it was caused by 2 things – not placing it as carefully on my leg as I did during the first run, and my running tights possibly pulling on it ab it. I wore a different pair of tights during the second run that were more compressive than the first, and I ‘m thinking the fabrics rubbing against each other cause the brace to rub my skin. It’s also possible that I just didn’t place it exactly as it should be.


The material was comfortably lightweight yet thick, stretchy, supportive and breathable. It also had a nice “silky” feeling to it that added to the comfort.

I went with a size small, as was recommended based on my measurements, and if you are between sizes you should definitely go bigger. Like any type of compression product, it required some time to put on properly and you need to stretch the material a bit before the first use.

While running, it felt very comfortable for the most part, with the exception of a small degree of slipping/rubbing during the second run, which might have been caused by not placing it correctly on my knee, but I’m not certain. I also wore pretty compressive running tights over it without a problem since it is really sleek, and, lives up to its name as a second “skin.”

After feeling that great lightweight support on my knee I really want to try the Bio Skin Calf Skin Sleeves too! For now, I’ll continue to wear the knee skin until my knee is feeling 100%. It is SO close, but not quite there!