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Fit Pepper's Calf Sleeves Review / Bio Skin Blog

Fit Pepper's Calf Sleeves Review

blog_story_image_fit-pepperInsightful review from Nicole aka The Fit Pepper. Nicole is a nutrition consultant, personal trainer and dog lover currently living, exploring and running around Australia.

Bio Skin Calf Skins

About a month ago I was contacted by Bio Skin to become an ambassador for their product. I had tried compression sleeves (different brand) just once before and it was so brief because the material just wasn’t breathable and it was more of a nuisance than an aid. I was a bit skeptical to try another compression support due to my prior experience, but as I read about the company and the material, I thought I would give it a try.

And BOY, AM I GLAD I DID!  I get shin splints no matter how much I stretch and strengthen before a run, so naturally I was drawn to the calf skins. Jake at Bio Skin sent me a complimentary pair to test out (because how can I become an ambassador for a brand that I’m not satisfied with, AMIRITE?). I was so excited when the package came in the mail and completely devastated at the same time – I was out of running commission due to another stupid foot injury!

Two weeks ago I was finally able to get back out on the pavement… sporting my NEW Bio Skin compression calf sleeves! Right away I could feel the difference! I started out on a hill and NO pain in the front of my legs! That first week I really wanted to test them out so I ran and ran! I wore them 3 days in a row and, just to test out the product more, I DIDN’T use them on the fourth day. The result: Shin splints! Argh!! Well… I can’t be too upset because that means this product really works!


Compression material provides support by keeping the muscles, tendons, and ligaments warm and allows the circulation of blood (and oxygen!) To reduce recovery time and swelling and decrease the incidence of injury.

Why I like Bio Skin:

No, it’s not just because they sent me a pair of calf sleeves to test (I wouldn’t take the time to write this if that was just it!) I really, truly believe in this product! It has made such a difference, not just reducing my pain, but in how I feel about those long runs! I used to limit myself to only a few miles at a time, because my shins would be KILLING me… but with the calf sleeves, my legs feel stronger and more supported and I have increased my mileage AND my speed! The material is so thin and breathable that I really don’t even remember I’m wearing them! Bio Skin

The material is thin and BREATHABLE!! They allow my sweat to evaporate and the material has a special “SkinLok” feature so they actually stay on (no matter how much you sweat)! They’re quite tight the first few days wearing them, and as a result I had to stretch out my calves a bit more post-run, but once I worked my way in to them, I don’t want to run without ‘em!!

They also give back to the community! Bio Skin works with families and local communities to provide food, clothing, and shelter to those that are less fortunate and work with school communities to provide fresh, healthy lunches to children.

All in all I am INCREDIBLY happy with the result of these compression sleeves and would recommend them to anyone with any sort of sport-induced pain! If you have any questions for me regarding this product, please comment below or contact me personally!

While I am an ambassador for Bio Skin, I have not received payment for writing this review. All thoughts and opinions on the product mentioned are my own. I would not endorse a product I would not use and/or purchase myself.