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Thumb Spica

This ultra-low-profile brace protects the thumb from unwanted motion while allowing full range of motion in the other digits.
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This ultra-low-profile brace protects the thumb from unwanted motion while allowing full range of motion in the other digits. Constructed from Bio Skin’s® patented, thin, breathable Ultima 2s™ material, the brace is comfortable to wear and easy to apply with one hand.
Features and Benefits
  • Controls motion of the CMC and MP joints
  • Low profile
  • Universal Left or Right
  • Allows full use of the fingers
  • Available in two sizes, (XS-M) & (L-XXL)
  • Constructed of Bio Skin® Ultima 2S™ material
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free
Injuries Treated
  • Bursitis
  • De Quervains
  • Game Keeper's Thumb
  • Sprains and Strains

8Reviews For Thumb Spica

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    Love it! Had surgery to reconstruct the trapezium in my right thumb/wrist. After many weeks of OT rendered splints I went to the Thumb Spica. Showed it to my OT. She loved it! She especially liked the strap to hold down the outer flaps. Good design. Good fit. Good results!

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    I bought the Thumb Spica about 10 yrs ago, my left thumb was going out due to arthritis. It was very painful. Now that my right thumb is doing the same thing, I found it after a short search and now it's on my right thumb. GREAT PRODUCT~ last a long time and it helps immensely. Thank You Bioskin.
    p.s. take the splint out if too restrictive.

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    I like it, but wish it restricted movement a little less. (I bought it for CMC joint arthritis after developing contact dermatitis from a neoprene splint.)

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    Excellent support for my arthritic thumb. Comfortable enough to wear all night and all day. Fairly discreet, as well.

  6. Rating

    E. C. Wolfe2/22/14

    The Thumb Spica was like putting on a new hand. The relief was astounding after being on for less than 15 minutes.
    I have been wearing it for a wonderful, pain free week.
    Thank you for creating such a lovely helper!

  7. Rating


    This thumb spica is very, very comfortable and I get a lot of pain relief. ( I even wear them to bed) I have had three or four of this spica and will continue to buy them.
    This product was difficult for me to use at first and I would like to see improvement to the ribbon hook. It loosens up and then the ribbon hook starts losing its hooks a bit and the ribbon eventually wears out and tears off the product.

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    D M Kuchins5/28/13

    Have used for De Quervain's in R thumb for several years. Greatly reduces pain from use and activity of affected area, and when worn during activities, can prevent flare-ups.

    Now have D Q in L thumb also, and am ordering again for that side!!!

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