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Visco KneeSkin™

An all-purpose knee brace perfect for relieving arthritic pain and swelling Learn more

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The Visco Knee Skin is designed to be an all-purpose knee brace, perfect for relieving pain from a number of injuries. A silicone Visco-gel pad circles the kneecap, providing passive massage to remove swelling and alleviate pain. Flexible side stays provide comfortable support to the joint. The brace is constructed from BioSkin's patented hypoallergenic, breathable and compressive materials so it is comfortable enough to wear all the time while still providing medical-grade compression. Finger loops are included for easy application.

Use the Visco Knee Skin to recover from arthritis, bursitis, joint swelling, patellar tendonitis, meniscus tears, and general knee pain. A silicone Visco-gel ring around the knee cap provides passive massage to remove the swelling and pain throughout the knee joint. The brace provides medical-grade compression to enhance recovery and reduce inflammation of the knee. Compression also increases circulation so more nutrient-rich blood flows through the injured site which helps to boost recovery and remove swelling.

After injury or long days on your feet, use the Visco Knee Skin to prevent pain and swelling. The passive massage provides by the Visco-gel ring around the patella moves excess swelling out of the joint and into the bloodstream. The brace also provides medical-grade compression to relieve pain and enhance proprioception. The benefits of compression work together to improve confidence and coordination of your movements, preventing future injuries and pain.

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