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Visco Knee Skin™ with Straps - Closed Patella

Bio Skin’s® Visco Knee Skin™ is an excellent all-purpose knee brace. The Visco gel ring around the patella provides passive massage to remove swelling and decrease pain.
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Bio Skin’s® Visco Knee Skin™ is an excellent all-purpose knee brace. The Visco gel ring around the patella provides passive massage to remove swelling and decrease pain. The brace is comfortable enough to wear all the time and may be especially useful after arthroscopy to speed recovery. Finger loops make application easy.
Features and Benefits
  • Ideal after knee arthroscopy
  • Finger loops enable easy pull-on application
  • Strapping system minimizes migration
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free
  • Choice of materials: Ultima™, or Stratus™
Injuries Treated
  • Knee Joint Swelling
  • Knee Pain
  • Knee Sprains and Strains
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Weak Knees

8Reviews For Visco Knee Skin™ with Straps - Closed Patella

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    This is actually my second visco knee brace, the first one I wear on my right knee, the second is for my left. I am diligent to wear my brace when exercising. I thought at one point my right knee was healed and I no longer needed my brace so I went for a run without it and then realized how much support the brace gives me. I have since started having issues with the left knee. My main choice for support is bioskin.

  2. Rating

    Gerry 6/16/17

    Excellent fit. No slippage. Wear for 7 hours/day when snow skiing and don't even know its there.

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    Daniel 5/26/16

    Outstanding product! The Visco Knee allowed me to cycle a 100-mile/10k foot climbing day, that I had been working toward for months. A week before the event, I took a training ride on a poorly fit bike and really strained my left knee. Speaking with the BioSkin folks, they advised this brace would fit my requirements. Guess what? They were right, and I completed the big ride with no issues. A+

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    I haven't used the braces yet in a combat situation, but at least I can bend my knees. I appreciate the help your product specialist gave me. If you want a 5-star review, please wait until I have used them hard.

  6. Rating

    Mike C9/4/15

    I've developed an allergy to the similar neoprene versions of this knee sleeve. The BioSkin sleeve offers the support I need without the skin irritation caused by the neoprene. Thanks!

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    It's been a Godsend for my knee. I can walk better now with not as much pain. Thanks!

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    A decade ago I suffered a tib/fib fracture along with typical soft tissue damage in the knee joint. I had the pleasure of undergoing surgery on New Year's Eve, ringing in the new year in the most pain I've ever experienced. The good news is the surgeon did a great job and I've had little trouble with the knee to date. Of course I've also babied it, choosing cycling over running and avoiding heavy weights on lower body exercises. Imagine my trepidation last month when my daughter invited us on a 3 day backpacking trip in Yosemite. This wasn't to be a foo-foo trip either. No, we'd have loaded backpacks weighing in at 40 pounds give or take. While we'd be on marked trails, there'd be plenty of rocks and ledges to navigate. I did the smart thing (for a change) and ordered this brace. I strapped it on before taking the first step into the backcountry, and had it on whenever my pack was on. The conditions were hot, dusty and sweaty but the brace never slipped or faltered. I chose the "comfortable" option over the "compression" and am glad I did. It was supremely comfortable, breathable and plenty snug. I forget I was wearing it until it gave me the support I needed during a step up or down or a twist. Never washed it in the 3 days and it didn't smell or get slippery. I have washed it since and it goes through the wash cycle like a champ. Expensive but worth every penny when being and staying mobile and strong is essential. Safe to say I couldn't have complete the trip without it.

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