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Standard Knee Skin™ - Open Patella

Bio Skin’s® Standard Knee Skin™ gives good compression for pain reduction, swelling control, and increased propioception. Bio Skin’s® unique, patented material makes the brace breathable and comfortable, even in the sensitive area behind the knee.
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Bio Skin’s® Standard Knee Skin™ gives good compression for pain reduction, swelling control, and increased propioception. Bio Skin’s® unique, patented material makes the brace breathable and comfortable, even in the sensitive area behind the knee.
Features and Benefits
  • Increase proprioception
  • Superior compression
  • Ultima™ material
  • Latex free
Injuries Treated
  • Knee Joint Swelling
  • Knee Pain
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Mild Knee Sprains
  • Osteoarthritis

25Reviews For Standard Knee Skin™ - Open Patella

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    Great item. Relieves my muscle fatigue around the knee. Love it. I always have two on hand. One being used and another for when the other one gets stretched out! Would highly recommend and will buy again!

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    This is the second wrap I have ordered (different size). I like the fit and the latex-free material.

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    Ordered the same large as I always have and it is to tight to where. Labeled wrong or made wrong don't know which

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    This brace is light weight and very comfortable. When I wear it for long periods of time I it does slip and bunch up behind my knee.

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    Michelle 4/21/16

    This is a quality, medical-grade compression knee sleeve. The material is thin so that it hides well under loose pants. Also, it keeps the knee warm. At five foot four, I bought the Medium size and it fits from mid-calf to mid-thigh.

    As others have stated, the first few days of wear requires a bit of stretching beforehand; however after the "breaking in" period, the back of the sleeve tends to slip down and gather in the back of the knee. This tends to become uncomfortable but this can be fixed after a quick trip to the bathroom.

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    I really love your braces. Our family has several of them and they are always high quality and they work. I bought this knee brace to supplement the hinges knee braces for when I need great support without the extra bulk.

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    This is my 3rd BioSkin Standard Knee Skin, one for each knee. The 1st one needed replacing in 3-4 years from use. I wear them both when I hike, usually 3-4 times a week. The open patella helps me when I allign it where I want my knee to bend.

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    I pad the top of the hole when the knee skin is new.

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    This is my third BioSkin knee brace. The fabric is breathable, so during warm periods it breathes avoiding the sweat buildup you normally get with big box store knee braces. And the side stabilization support is flexible yet sufficiently stiff to give me confidence when involved in strenuous activities It is the best I have come across for value, comfort and stability for my knee.

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    Thank you

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    My daughter really liked the knee skin. It felt much better than tape. The best part is finding a product that is neoprene free. By the way, her doctor likes the product so far as well.

    Thanks again

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    Like the feel and support.

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    It does not stay in place. Constantly creeps down over knee, possibly wrong size.

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    I have the standard knee skin brace. This is my second one, but not because I loved my first one so much. My first one malfunctioned. The stitching holding in one of the stays unraveled-within six months of irregular wear. I reported it. Bio Skin responded immediately and sent a new one. I hope they get the stitching looked at. I do like my current brace but it does slip. Good idea to wet it. Please, PUT THIS INFO IN THE INSTRUCTIONS! I think someone else already said that. Thanks for the good customer service.

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    I have the standard knee skin, have orthoarthritis giving me pain and swelling. The brace is very comfortable and effective when it stays in place. Mine was slipping down after a few minutes of motion. I called Bioskin and they told me to roll down the top after it is on and wet it and it will stick. Worked great. PUT THIS INFO IN THE INSTRUCTIONS! That is the only reason I deducted 1 star, it needs better instructions and info on the website about how to eliminate slippage.

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    I have chronic knee synovitis in my right knee and have had arthroscopic surgery. This brace really helps keep swelling down while compressing the knee and giving it support. The brace is very comfortable compared to others and isn't itchy like other braces. Great product! I recommend it to anyone who need a little knee support.

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    Dan W10/14/13

    I've been wearing a pair of the hinged knee skins for the past 5 months, laundering them regularly, wearing them 12 to 14 hours a day, they've been great! They got me out of having to use crutches. Recently I wanted to start riding my recumbent trike again, and wanted something without the hinges, and so went with these, the knee skins with the straps option. They are great! Incredibly light and still very supporting. Thanks again for another great product!

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