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Hinged Knee Skin™ - Front Closure - Open Patella

The Bio Skin Hinged Knee Skin Front Closure is one of the lightest hinged knee braces available. The bicentric hinges conform to the shape of the leg providing moderate support to the ACL, MCL and other ligaments. The front closure designs allows for easy application with adjustable compression.
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Bio Skin’s Hinged Knee Skin Front Closure is notably one of the lightest hinged knee braces on the market. Its bi-centric, aluminum hinges are lightweight and provide extra support to knees with ACL, MCL and other ligament damage. This brace is constructed from Bio Skin’s unique, breathable materials, the Hinged Knee Skin also provides excellent compression to control swelling and pain and to speed healing in a damaged joint. The front closure designs allows for easy application and patients can adjust the level of compression by modifying the front closure wrap and anchoring straps.
Features and Benefits
  • Wrap-around design for custom fit and easy application
  • Offset hinge reduces pressure at the knee joint
  • Strapping system minimizes migration
  • Custom molded soft condylar padding
  • Neoprene free and latex free
Injuries Treated
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Sprain
  • Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) Tear or Sprain
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Tear or Sprain
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Sprain

14Reviews For Hinged Knee Skin™ - Front Closure - Open Patella

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    I have had this brace for 4 days. I started wearing it a few hours after I got It and about 4 hours in, it started squeaking. It was quiet at first but now it squeaks with every little movement. I like t be support it provides, but I'm not a fan of having to deal with the squeak all day.

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    Jaunty Junco6/14/17

    I did not have surgery after tearing the ACL in my left knee in 1999. I wore a custom knee brace for several months until the initial damage was healed and I finished physical therapy.

    Since then, I've relied on the Bioskin Hinged Front Closure brace every day, all day, as recommended by my orthopedist. It gives me confidence to work, walk, garden, and exercise moderately. Wearing it reminds me to avoid athletic movements, as the ACL has been reabsorbed and is no longer there to support me.

    The Bioskin brace is comfortable in most weathers, though I sweat under it on the hottest days. As I've aged, my leg muscles have lost strength and tone, and the ratio between the circumference of my calf and the circumference of my thigh is no longer what it was. So, sizing becomes a little bit difficult.

    However, I generally lead my normal life, and most people are not aware that I wear a brace. I always buy two braces at a time so I can launder one and wear the other. Like shoes, the braces last longer if you alternate wearing them.

    Overall, Bioskins are well made, comfortable, and durable. Most importantly, they provide the support I need to get around independently. As a single working woman living alone at the age of 69, my independence is key to living life the way I want to live it.

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    This is my second brace. They are very comfortable to wear. My only complaint would be with the velcro. It holds well for about 10 months before it starts to lose it's grip.

    Thank you for asking.

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    This brace is the second one I've had. The first one lasted 2 1/2 years with frequent use. It keeps me pain free and active.

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    Service was great thanks for the help.

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    Excellent brace . Lightweight and secure. Really like it a lot.

  8. Rating

    William 6/6/16

    I will use this company for products like these for the rest of my life. They are high quality products and stand-up people. I had reason to contact their customer care department and they treated me like I was the most important customer they had. The crappy store-bought neoprene brace I bought not only gave me a total rash, but it couldn't hold a candle to the support my BioSkin brace gives me. I wish more than 5 rating stars were available.

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    Worth every penny. This has got to be the most comfortable, functional, knee brace made. Highly recommend.

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    Started using it to play soccer after surgery for a meniscus tear and partial ACL tear. Works great. Adjusts to your leg with velcro straps on front and back, top and bottom. After 5 minutes of playing I didn't even know I had it on. Highly recommend it!

  12. Rating

    Sarah 5/15/16

    Very comfortable to wear, gives the support I need but does not restrict me

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    Very comfortable, easy to wear under jeans or slacks, gives great support. Helping postpone knee surgery.

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    This brace is so comfortable ! I literally forgot I had it on while playing soccer!

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