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Weil Osteotomy Strap

Supports proper healing after Weil Osteotomy. The strap prevents dorsal drift and floating toes by holding the toe in a neutral or plantar-flexed position.
Shown with CMC Wrap (sold separately). Please choose either the CMC wrap or one of the AFTR products to use the Weil Osteotomy Strap.
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The Weil Osteotomy strap prevents dorsal drift and floating toes by holding the toe in a neutral or plantar-flexed position. It can be worn inside a walking boot, post-op shoe, or normal footwear. The strap may be used non-operatively to treat metatarsalgia or plantar plate tears.

The Weil Osteotomy Strap is shown attached to the CMC Wrap (sold separately) . The Weil Osteotomy Strap is also compatible with AFTR, AFTR DC and AFTR with Gel.

Features and Benefits
  • Prevents dorsal drift
  • Prevents floating toe

13Reviews For Weil Osteotomy Strap

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    The Velcro is too small to easily wrap around the toe. If not sewn to the toe strap, it should be longer to make application stronger and easier.

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    My podiatrist recommended this product for me after bunion surgery to help my hammertoe. It is comfortable to wear and really helps keep my toe in line.

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    Great splint - just the right thing. The straps around the toes are so kind and gentle on the skin but firm enough to hold the position
    They also allowed for flexing and extending the toes which other splints do not- they are hard, stiff and the straps around the toes just cut into the skin. Very very uncomfortable post surgery, but the Bio Skin splints don't do that. My problem with attaching the straps to the mid foot wrap was that the wrap kept moving towards my toes and thus released the tension and benefit to my osteotomy. That needs reviewing !
    I am London U.K. based and this sort of excellent splint is not available here so I will be introducing your product to my excellent foot and ankle surgeon!

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    Great product! Had a few issues getting it delivered due to a misunderstanding, but customer service went above and beyond to help resolving it; they did and I am a happy returning customer. Make sure you know that the toe strap and the arch it attaches to are sold separately.

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    Easy to put on and off.Easy to keep clean.Soft material make it comfortable. Plenty of material to wrap aroung the toe. Work well with the Compression midfoot wrap. Use it for 2 weeks and hope it will be durable.

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    This was recommended by my podiatrist. Somehow I did not realize the foot wrap did not come with it so I have ordered the foot wrap. I gave it 5 stars because it looks like it will work, but I have not tried it out because I need the foot wrap. I liked the "no shipping" and quick delivery.

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    catherine 12/9/15

    Great concept. I am surprised I didn't think of it. Only 3* because the part the goes around the toe should be longer and slightly stiff to prevent the toe from bending at the joint closest to the toe nail. I taped my toe (this product wasn't avail) for a long time and it happened to me. Resulted in extra surgery, joint fusion. I've been making something at home with flex pipe and it would have stopped my deformity had I used it from the beginning. But I didn't know. :( Also, a strap that goes over the bad toe and around the heel is good. I used an ace bandage that came with velcro around one end. I cut it length wise.

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