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Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap

The CMC Wrap provides a base for the Hallux Control Strap and the Weil Osteotomy Strap.
One Size Fits All Sizing Chart


The CMC Wrap provides an attachment point for the Hallux Control Strap or Weil Osteotomy Strap without covering the ankle. The calibration lines may be used to measure changes in swelling of the foot.

Features and Benefits
  • Made of a hypo-allergenic, non-slip material to prevent slipping
  • Easily fits inside normal footwear

9Reviews For Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap

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    It works well. The velcro is really strong. One thing about the calibrated midfoot Compression Wrap, is I have a size 12 foot and it is a bit small for me. You might consider two sizes for this piece.

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    Great strap - gentle and soft on the skin- good to be able to reduce length of strap as swelling goes down. But. It slips down towards the toes after a while and you can lose the benefit of the osteotomy straps
    A suggestion would be to attach an elasticated strap with Velcro ends to to the wrap to hold it in place better. I am Uk based and there is nothing as good as bio skin products available. There are other toe splints but they are so hard and stiff on the skin and the wrap can cut into the mid foot causing redness and swelling in the area. My only criticism is the wrap needs better anchoring

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    Wild Bill11/17/16

    See above

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    Soft and flexible material make it comfortable. Easy to keep clean .

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    fantastic device. I do Karate and it really gives me great support. is not perfect but is great! thanks. will order more in the future

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    P D3/21/16


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