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AFTR™ Ankle Brace

The AFTR™ Ankle Brace provides support and stabilization for the non-operative and post-operative treatment of many foot and ankle pathologies.
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The AFTR™ Ankle Brace provides support and stabilization for the non-operative and post-operative treatment of many foot and ankle pathologies. This braces includes medial and lateral plastic stays as well as figure-8 stirrup straps to limit movement in the ankle and hindfoot. Made from the Bio Skin® material it contours to the anatomy during normal volume changes following injuries and surgery. Bio Skin® is hypo-allergenic, breathable, and thin.
Features and Benefits
  • Made of Bio Skin® material
  • Excellent Compression
  • Trimmable to fit length of foot
  • Universal left or right
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free
Injuries Treated
  • After Ankle Surgery
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Peroneal Tendon Injury
  • Post-Tib Tendon Surgery

14Reviews For AFTR™ Ankle Brace

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    Vball mom11/30/17

    Our daughter was recovering from an ankle sprain and was afraid she would miss part of her middle school volleyball season. A rigorous rehab program along with the AFTR braces helped her get back on the court within two weeks. She's still going strong for club season with no issues. She was uncertain of them at first, but quickly got used to them and says they are comfortable to wear. She leaves them off for conditioning and ankle strengthening exercises.

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    I bought this for my daughter whom has had ankle issues playing soccer. She has tried different braces and this one seems to be the most comfortable. Her other brace was rubbing up against her ankle bone and causing discomfort. The AFTR brace supports her ankle well. So far she has not sprained her ankle while wearing the brace.

  4. Rating


    The sock and strap configuration gives good ankle support. It may look complicated, but it's easy to put on and feels very solid. I thought the velcro patch was becoming loose after just a couple uses, but it's fine. Perhaps it doesn't adhere well when it's a little damp after washing.

  5. Rating

    Sue R. 12/17/16

    Broke my ankle last year and I am still cautious with some activities and this has been great support without a restriction of movement.

  6. Rating


    I ordered this brace from Amazon. At first I was not sure it would be comfortable because with the straps I had tightened too rigidly. But I gave it another try the next day without the straps and found comfortable support without pain. Later I tried the straps on and kept them moderately tight and my foot adapted and was helped more when I needed more firm support. The material seems very good quality. Will try some of their other products. They seem to have very good customer service.

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    My daughter broke her leg through both bones and growth plate in ankle. This brace allowed her to return to play (soccer) with confidence and no pain. It is also very comfortable. She never quit wearing it - even after she no longer needed it.

  8. Rating


    Helps my ankle, hurts my foot after a while.

  9. Rating


    They work great at first. But then the Velcro wore out in about 6 months

  10. Rating


    Initially seems comfortable but shortly thereafter it Compresses my foot so much I have more pain. Additionally the straps make it extremely uncomfortable

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    The brace is really helping, and works much better than tape.

  13. Rating


    Velcro becomes useless in several months and I am forced to buy a new one.

  14. Rating


    The pain in my feet is unbearable without these braces. I even sometimes sleep in them. They reduce my pain so much, that I rarely notice discomfort. This is an excellent product. My one complaint is that the brace material stretches out too quickly. I start to feel my pain increase after about 6 weeks. I can't afford to buy a new pair every 6 to 8 weeks. So, I have to continue to wear the pair I have until they loosen so much that the pain is once again unbearable. I wish that there was way to tighten the material around the foot as it looses its efficacy.

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