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Calf Skin™ Sleeve

Bio Skin’s® Calf Skins™ give excellent compression to ease the pain in injured calves or shins. The thin, breathable material allows perspiration to evaporate to keep you cool.
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Bio Skin’s® Calf Skins™ give excellent compression to ease the pain in injured calves or shins. The thin, breathable material allows perspiration to evaporate to keep you cool. The unique SkinLok™ feature of the Bio Skin® material mean the sleeve won’t slide down the leg, even during vigorous activity.
Features and Benefits
  • Contoured fit
  • Controls muscle movements to improve recovery time after injury
  • Reduces muscle vibration
  • Constructed of Bio Skin® Ultima™ material
  • Latex free
Injuries Treated
  • Muscle Strains
  • Shinsplints

13Reviews For Calf Skin™ Sleeve

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    great fit and doesnt loose elasticity with repeated use

  2. Rating


    I am a recreational runner (10-12 miles weekly) for 28 years now. For the last 5 years or so, nagging injuries to calf, feet and hips. I was having calf issues up to the day that I began wearing this product. Have had no issues with calf going forward. Probably a bigger issue that needs to be addressed, but until then....

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    Great Product

  4. Rating


    I have used these for years. They are hands down the best.

  5. Rating


    I use it to keep my pulled calf muscle supported and warm. The warmth is suppose to help heal the muscle and soften the scar tissue.

  6. Rating


    Always great! I've been using them for many years to help control swelling in my lower leg.

  7. Rating


    I give the Calf Skin's 5 Stars. Great product.

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    I got the calf skins for running, but I've also tested them out for crossfit and recovery. They perform beautifully in each situation. They're easier to get on and off than compression socks, and I'd say more supportive. They've been great at fending off the regular aches I develop - shin splints, calf strains and even alleviating the plantar fasciitis that creeps in after longer runs. I may need to invest in a second pair!

  9. Rating

    Joseph Olson10/4/14

    I have been running for the last 30 years sometimes more serious than others, but as I have gotten older now (64) I have had some injuries of late.
    I had trouble with shin splints this year and while the root cause may have been due to running shoes I had been wearing I was still left with the injury even after replacing the my shoes. Like most runners I try to run through these things and while improvement was shown with the new shoes I still had lingering pain in my shins. I have now used the bioskin calf sleeves several times during a run and have found the extra support most helpful. No longer am I worried that I may be going too fast or too far. On rest days I often use them just for support and no longer have that tired or sore legs syndrome after a workout. The calf sleeves do a great job of providing support ALL day.
    The first time they were a little hard to put on, but after awhile you get the technique down so it is fairly easy on and off.
    My suggestion for improvement would only be cosmetic i.e. different colors or even just had a simple stripe that swirled around the calf.
    For the record I am a Bio Skin ambassador. I was selected to review this product based on my running/shin splint history. This is a very honest product review and I highly recommend it for shin splints or just everyday support.

  10. Rating


    I've been battling shinsplints for...well as long as I've been running. I've used K-Tape, Ice baths, icy hot, ice packs and compression socks. By far your calf sleeves are the best solution I've used. I cannot say enough good things about them. I'm training for my 5th marathon and my calf skins are seriously so helpful with my stress fractures and post run pain. Why didn't I know about these 4 years ago!

  11. Rating

    Mel Nevells12/21/13

    This past spring a calf muscle that had been cramped for more than a year due to a compression on a nerve in my lower spine that cannot under go another surgery ruptured. The results of this injury would be TMI as it relates to my commentary on your Calf Skin product. I was a physical trainer for 30 years and exhausted every method known to myself as well as my doctor who is excellent at treating these types of injuries. Just by chance I located the Bio Skin product on line and ordered one. I was so impressed with the immediate results that I ordered a second one to wear while my first purchase was drying from washing. Prior to purchasing the calf skin I was very limited to how much I could walk and I was unable to distribute any of my weight to my left leg. For those of you who have probably wondered why the medical profession stops their pain scale at ten, I can assure you that there are pain levels much higher than 10. Within three days of using the calf skin my swelling (2 inches above normal) had been greatly reduced, the pain level dropped to where it was responding to my pain medication. During the next two weeks my condition vastly improved to the extent that I had limited movement without crutches. In this age of medical promises unfulfilled, I can state plainly that: "Bio Skin's Calf skin does everything guaranteed by the company and more." They should create a superlative of "excellent" for use in evaluating their product. If this product had been available while I was a physical trainer it would have been invaluable. I was so impressed with the results from my calf skin that I wore it to a doctor’s appointment. He was as impressed with the product as I was, any comments he made would be repetitive of what I have already stated. Greetings to Amanda and especially Scott. It is rarely that anyone gets to speak with the president of the company!

  12. Rating

    gary clarke7/30/13

    excellent support

  13. Rating

    Alisha Joy7/8/13

    I bought these during my college running days and I loved them then. Now I work 12+ hours on my feet as a nurse and they are my best friends again. I naturally sweat a lot at work, but this material keeps my legs dry and they don't smell after a full day. I'm also trying to keep the spider veins away-- so far so good. And most recently my husband, who is an arborist and climbs trees for a living, keeps borrowing my pair-- which is why I'm getting another set. So thank you--to whoever invented these-- they work well whether you're running long distances, standing on your feet for over 12 hours, or climbing trees.

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